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Her Campus at SDSU Fake that Tan

It’s winter and it’s been gloomy and raining all. the. time. lately here in San Diego. Normally, I love rain. It’s perfect for lazy days of...

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3 Best Face Fake Tans

3 Best Face Fake Tans Finally- we’ve had some sunshine in Leeds. The smell of BBQ lingers over Hyde Park and Terrace has been jam packed...

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Fall Semester Survival Kit Guide

Last week our team received our much anticipated survival kits. Inside were treats like beauty products, accessories, planners, candy and...

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My First Spray Tan Experience

Recently I lost my spray tan virginity. I was never super pasty, and I spent a good amount of time in the sun anyway, so I never thought...

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Tanning for Less Than a Tenner

The sun is slowly starting to make an appearance, meaning it’s time to pull out the reserved-for-summer skirts and shorts from the dark...

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Be a Ray of Sunshine in Rainy Leeds.

I love living in Leeds. It’s a great city, there are fabulous universities, great nights out and a recent study shows it’s home to the...