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Best (Darkest) Self Tanners ☀ of 2019

Over here at UConn, us Northeastern girls know that spring break usually entails more snow than sunshine. While everyone else seems to be breaking out their bikinis and working on their summer tan, we’re looking for our mittens. Needless to say, we’ve had to get a little ~crafty~ when it comes to achieving that bronzy glow! So we’ve done our homework, for both your sake and ours, to hunt down the best self tanners to fake that spring break bake. 


The goal was finding a dark, long-lasting tanner that was easy to apply and faded evenly! We supply the tan. You supply the Pina Colada. ? 

Jergens Natural Glow

PRO : drug store price / large product range / buildable / subtle scent / great for beginners 

CON : needs multiple uses / fades fast / warm color based (risk orange coloration) 

Fake Bake Flawless

PRO : middle price range / one use for results / nongreasy / even color / quick dry time

CON : chemical smell / brown color base (again...orangey?) / not the darkest tanner / risk of trasnfer to clothes or bed sheets

Loving Tan

PRO : fast drying w. 2-hour express option / long-lasting / dark & green based = bronze color / good for sensitive skin

CON : not buildable / slightly more expensive / strongly scented 

St. Tropez

PRO : well established & reviewed brand / large product line / no transfer / quick drying / buildable / dark color

CON : most expensive / brown based = not orange...but not a bronzed olive color


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