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Book Review: Dirty Rush


As a sorority girl, Her Campus Ship’s PR director, Laura O’Donnell was the perfect person to review Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell. Here are her thoughts: 

Dirty Rush is one of the most hilarious, insane, real stories I’ve recently read. I’m an avid fan of thought-provoking pieces so throwing this book into the mix really shook things up a bit. But I must say I never went longer than three pages without laughing or atleast letting out a small giggle! There were even times when I was laughing so hard it felt like I was in an ab attack class, seriously.

Being a member of a sorority I was expecting to read some crazy, stereotypical things that people believe about sororities—which there are plenty of in Dirty Rush, trust me. I’ve read articles on TSM and TFM about crazy things (truth or rumor) that other sororities do, but this book highlights more important matters at hand. It’s important to note that Greeks aren’t the only ones that witness the problems that come up in Dirty Rush, a lot of other organizations (like academic organizations, sports teams, even marching bands as we’ve seen) have as well.

Peer pressure coupled with hazing, trying to find yourself in a new place (welcome to college), negative effects of social media, drugs and alcohol, and the power of relationships (romantic, familial and platonic). Granted these matters aren’t heavily focused on until the latter half of the book, but the book addresses just how much these factor into the daily stresses of life by an extreme example.

Overall I read this book super quick. It’s an easy light read that I would definitely recommend as a summer read on the beach (wishful thinking in March!). So “cute.”

Laura is the PR Director for Her Campus Ship. She's a senior studying Public Relations and English.During her time at Ship, she has served as the Vice President of Marketing for her sorority, served as the Pr Chair and President of the Women's Panhellenic Council, and is the Account Manager for the South Central PA Sickle Cell Council for Ship's Public Relations Student Society of America chapter. This past summer Laura was the Resource Development Intern for Camp Victory, a non-profit in Millville, PA. She's an avid lover of shopping, dancing, eating and learning new things.