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The Tercero Residence at UC Davis with a sunset
The Tercero Residence at UC Davis with a sunset
Original photo by Hadlie Ward
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The Best Crying Spots at UC Davis

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

College wasn’t meant to be a cakewalk. Studying for midterms, hunting for apartments, and bagging internships, can all heavily pressure a poor student’s mind. Breaking down is not a sign of weakness, it is just a temporary period to release pent-up frustrations. As a certified expert in crying, here are some of the best places around UC Davis to shed some tears.

1. ghausi Hall

My first mental breakdown occurred in the dorm showers one fine Monday. No, I didn’t cry because it was Monday; the crippling feeling of loneliness had built for three weeks till it spilled over. I washed up, threw on a hoodie, and waltzed around Tercero at 9 pm. I searched for a peaceful, humble area to sob while also staying in a safe, well-lit area. Soon I stumbled upon Ghausi Hall, where a cement block resting underneath a wistful Willow tree called to me. The draping leaves of the tree and the darkness of the night helped with privacy, while the nearby blue safety light guarded me from potential kidnappers. I recommend checking this area at night when the blues hit, as the Willow tree provides an ethereal sense of comfort. Engineering students will especially benefit, as their lecture hall leads them right to this sitting area.

Molly Peach-Walking Through Greenery
Molly Peach / Her Campus

2. Arboretum

Where better to cry than among Mother Nature? The Arboretum spans over 100 acres, adorned with foliage, greenery, and lively creatures. It is credited for its peaceful aura, and therefore, becomes the perfect place for solitude. Even crying during the day can be achieved here, as the arboretum has plenty of spots where you can find some solace. Additionally, the squirrels, ducks, and birds can act as supportive therapeutic animals to soothe you during tough times.

3. Hammocks at the Memorial Union

I had finished my first CHE2B midterm of the quarter, and boy did I just KNOW I bombed it. Additionally, my roommate and I faced the ticking time bomb of apartments selling out left and right. After the midterm, I hastily biked around for a spot to cry, and for the first time in four months, a hammock was vacant at the MU. I am not one to freely cry in public, but the hammocks were evenly spaced out such that I could slide into one and let the tears flow, without fretting over who is around (since most who occupy a hammock are napping). Like a mother who rocks her baby during distress, the swing of the hammock lulled me to a calm state, while the bright blue sky and tree tops above decorated my vision with aweing beauty. If the tears creep up on you suddenly, the hammocks are central to campus, privacy-friendly, and provide a high-quality rocking motion to elevate your crying experience.

4. Tercero/segundo quads

As a former resident of the Tercero dorms, I can confidently say the residential areas are beautiful at night. Lights from every dorm room release a warm glow to the radiant orange and green buildings. The same can be said for the cream-colored Segundo dorms. There are plenty of grassy patches available around the residence halls, so grab a blanket, find a lush patch, and lay underneath the stars sobbing away. Take advantage of the guitar players scattered around: hopefully, their soothing strums can lull you to a peaceful state. 

Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham in gilmore girls
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

5. My shoulder

Sweetheart, I’m always here for you. Let’s cry together because you are not alone. 

In all seriousness, it is completely ok to cry when things get challenging: you are not a mess. Life is built such that things turn out fine in the end; it is the uncertainty that makes one forget about patience. Humans have been blessed with the ability to cry, so for flips’ sake TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT!!! 

Gayathri is a third-year Biotechnology major and director of the UCD Her Campus Digital Media team. She loves to write, work out, sing, and sleep (college students need more of that nowadays). When not indulging in her boba addiction, she likes to wind down by watching hilarious Youtube vids with a hot cup of tea.