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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.
No matter how much you love school supply shopping and being reunited with friends on campus, getting back into the school groove after a relaxing summer can be difficult. Say goodbye to the carefree days of all day Netflix binges, and hello to busy days filled with class, clubs, and homework. If the start of the semester has you feeling down then check out our tips to change your attitude and greet the semester with a strong start!
1. New semester=fresh start! 
Bombed last semester’s econ final? Still dwelling on a group project gone wrong? Forget about the past and think about the NOW. This is YOUR opportunity to start on a clean slate!   
2.  Set goals! 
Each night create a to-do list. Not only will this keep you super organized, but you will actually get things done! Each time you finish a task, check it off! There’s nothing like checking off the last task on your to do list and feeling a sense of accomplishment.
3. Acknowledge your accomplishments no matter how small they are! (a.k.a Treat Yo Self)
Take awesome notes on last night’s chapter? Participated more in class? Did well on an exam? Give your self a pat on the back or award yourself with some ice cream. By rewarding yourself you can build confidence and become encouraged to accomplish even more! 
4. Stay Active
Do some sort of physical activity as a break between your studies. Even if it means just walking around campus. Staying active is a great way to clear your mind and keep you in shape!
5. Listen to “pump up” music while you do your work!
There has to be at least one song that gets your adrenaline rushing and makes you excited.  Listen to that song while doing homework. Not only is it guaranteed to make you in a better mood and more excited about what you are doing, but for many, listening to music helps them focus.
6. Stay Organized!
If you haven’t already, get a planner or develop a system that can help you remember when specific assignments are due. There’s nothing like color coordinating your subjects!
7. Study with others!
Have a big test coming up? Grab a friend and have a study sesh together! Not only is this a way to spend some quality time with your BFF, but you’ll find that you’re both being productive and remembering the material. 
8. Get involved!
A really fun way to stay organized and meet new people is by joining clubs! Not only can you add your involvement to your resume, but you’ll get to know more people on campus and make new friends.
Hallie is a Junior who enjoys writing for Conn Coll’s Her Campus chapter! Not only does she love the fact that she shares the same initials as Her Campus (HCXO!), but she loves being part of the Her Campus Conn Coll community, as well as having the opportunity of integrating her passion for photography, journalism, and pop culture throughout her posts. She is currently on the executive board of Her Campus Conn Coll and manages the twitter account.
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