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Our Finals Survival Kit

Who doesn't like getting little gifts around this time of year? This season of cheer is all about giving and peace of mind for everyone...

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10 Tips for Surviving Finals Week

1. Maintain a routine to take care of yourself. While it’s nice to simply stay in pajamas sans make-up all day while studying, keeping up...

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How to Survive Winter Finals

Finals week is no cakewalk—especially when it’s winter finals. Not only are you buys worrying about your grades, but you’re also probably...

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HC Survival Kits Are In!

We LOVE the Her Campus Finals Survival Kit! Finals may be over for UIC, but we're excited to gift these goodies to our squad!

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An Open Letter to My HC Squad

I want you to have the happiest of holidays, because you deserve it. You put up with my constant emails, countless Facebook messages, and...