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I’d like to think there’s something infinitely mystic about bubbles. Something that grabbed the irises of my childhood eye How does it...

woman putting lip balm on
8 Reasons Why I Love Her Campus

There are so many things that I love about being the CC of Her Campus Harvard. I love the people (shout out to my Co, Amy), I love the...

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The Art of Bathing

We here at Her Campus know that being able to take a bath is a rare commodity that only happens once in a blue moon due to our on-the-go...

Green Orange and Yellow Pumpkins
Five Fall Break Takeaways

1. The World is Bigger than Haverford Sure this sounds self-evident, but still critical to keep in mind. When we get caught up in our own...

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Reasons Why You Should Take a Bath

Baths are a time to melt the stresses of the day away. Some people indulge in a glass---or bottle, of wine and light candles while others...