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We here at Her Campus know that being able to take a bath is a rare commodity that only happens once in a blue moon due to our on-the-go schedules. But, when that blue moon does show up, we want to make sure that you’re equipped with the knowledge and materials necessary to draw yourself a baller bath! Because honestly, you deserve it. 

1. The Bubbles

You can’t have a bubble bath without bubbles! We like this lavender blend because who doesn’t love lavender?

2. The Oils

This is the part that’s going to make your skin oh-so soft and silky. This Milk Bath from Target will do just that! 

3. The Salts

Literally nothing beats the OG 2-pound box of Epsom Salt. Nothing. 

4. The Extras

If bubbles, oils, and salts aren’t enough for you bathing beauties, then we’ve got an extra for you! Check out Lush’s insane variety of bath bombs, this one is our favorite! 





(Photos courtesey of Target and Lush) 



Sharni is a first-year Art major with a focus on photography and a love for everything the So-Cal lifestyle has to offer. Her hobbies include playing tennis, exploring, and spending time with her Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters.
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