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10 Ways College Students Are Just Like Babies

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

College students and babies surprisingly have a lot in common. For instance…

1. We will eat anything that appears to be edible.

2. We can fall asleep anytime, anywhere.

3. Even while eating.

4. We cry a lot.

5. And sometimes, we can eat, sleep and cry at the same time.

6. When it comes to clothes, soft, cottony comfort is key.

7. We both use gibberish that no one else — except college students and babies, apparently  — understands.

8.Our mouths hang open almost 90% of the time.

9. We’re entertained by the simplest things. And we love bubbles. Adore them.

This is the UCD Contributor page from University of California, Davis!