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“Green Lantern Corps”

“Through the writer’s blocks, punch-in to clocks, this make or break” are the lyrics of an artist, Fred E.T., that explain my life within just a few words. The lyrics are from the single “Green Lantern Corps” by Jugo the God featuring Tarik J., MAG the Artist, and Fred E.T.


The lyrics and melodies within this single explain the lives of these artist trying to succeed every second of the day. These artist paint a vivid picture of how they work hard to reach their goals with lyrics like “I’m up in the mornin’ while y’all are still snorin’ cause sleep is for the weak” (MAG the Artist). When I sing along to this song, this particular lyric is one that I feel was written just for me, because you see just like MAG the Artist, I’m also up in the morning before many other people. This lyric makes me think of the quote “the early bird gets the worm” and I’m that bird seeking for that worm which in my case would be opportunities.


The creativity is booming all throughout these artist like the song booms in my car speakers while I’m driving down the road. With lyrics like, “Fuck being small minded little nigga I’m heavyweight. And that explains the unexplainable behavior,” (Tarik J.) shows that this artist, as well as the others, is not an ordinary person. I feel like I’m surrounded around small minded people on a daily and I never thought there were other people like me. A mind is a beautiful thing to waste and these artist fully understand that. “When shit ain’t going good they just sit back and complain” is also another Tarik J. lyric that stood out to me and that I connected with. People seem to always make excuses and sit back and wait for this to change, but I understand, like these artist, that if you don’t make a change then nobody else will.


Jugo the God lyric “I just need to connect my spiritual to my mental and help me reach my potential,” is something that I already live by in my everyday life and to know that somebody else working and doing the same just keeps me absolutely motivated. This artist made me realize in those simple few words how important it is to be in touched with yourself, your soul, and to know that your potential is endless. Fred E.T. said that “Ain’t growing then we ain’t the same kind,” which simply means that if I person is not flourishing in all aspects of their life then they are not in no way, shape, or form like Fred E.T. It reminds me of the quote “We are not cut form the same cloth.” I believe that growth is important in anyone’s life which makes this lyric so important to me because I already feel like people don’t understand the importance of growth as it already is.


These artist have true creativity and passion. Their single is a perfect voice for all of those people out there that are working hard everyday to reach their goals. Many people, like myself, who feel like there some of the only ones who actually have to work for things in life should feel this song on a spiritual level. These artist are phenomenal and I encourage them to keep pushing and making music.

Azayla B. Rodriguez

Hello everyone,  My name is Azayla Rodriguez and I'm a Junior at Brenau University. I am majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism and Media. Also, my minor is Dance.  I've been dancing since I was 4 years old and it is truly a passion for me. My other passion is writing along with music. I found my passion for writing as a Junior is high school and I found my niche for feature/magazine writing my second year at Brenau.  I hope you all enjoy my blogs!
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