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Drugstore Makeup Guide

Being a beauty fanatic, I have tried almost every fan-loved product you can think of. From Sephora brands to random Target impulse buys, I...

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Tonight! Primping Party at bareMinerals

As you can see from my makeup collection, I’m a huge fan of bareMinerals. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited that they’re the official...

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Fall Lipstick Trends

Shopping for fall can get expensive. Between the new trends and the old staples that need an upgrade in your closet, it can cost a fortune...

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How to Wear Lipstick Like a Celeb

Lipstick can seem a little scary since lots of lipsticks are brighter than most people wear on a regular basis. The key to wearing lipstick...

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How to Work Your Glasses with Makeup

On days where I have to wake up early (9am classes are the worst!), I sometimes just throw on a little mascara, my glasses, and run out the...