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Living on My Own: What I’ve Learned

Moving over 800 miles away from anything I've known was definitely scary but it also taught me a lot about being independent, having more...

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5 Lessons I Learned as a TV Show Intern

When I was offered an internship at King World’s Inside Edition , a television newsmagazine that falls under the umbrella of CBS Television...

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What My Summer Internship Taught Me

Like most juniors going into senior year, this past summer I had a summer internship. Like many working professionals, I made my way in the...

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The Collegiette’s Guide to Beer Pong

In my four years of college, I’ve learned a lot of useful things like how to stay organized, how to network with professionals, and how to...

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On Being a Lifelong Lifeguard

Certainly not the worst view to have at work January 29th, 2015. I have until January 29th of my senior year to decide whether or not I’m...