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5 Disney Villans Who Can Teach Us A Lesson

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

When you think of Disney villains, you probably aren’t imagining anything good (unless you’re like me, and absolutely love Gaston). Like all the movies they’re in, these Disney characters have lessons that they can teach you. Whether it’s through what they say, or how they act, the villainous characters add to the importance of all Disney movies by teaching us some important lessons.

Mother Gothel

Sometimes, mother does know best. Even though Mother Gothel was pretty rude to Rapunzel, and didn’t even let her leave her tower, her song was pretty on-point. No, of course I’m not saying that Mother Gothel was a great person, but she has a great point: sometimes your parents know more than you think. While you may indulge in the fact that you’re in college and finally on your own, you should really make sure to continue to listen to your parents, since they’ve already been through many of the same things you’re going through now.

Yzma and Kronk

While they were still maniacally trying to get rid of Kuzco, Yzma and Kronk are some of the most hilarious characters in Disney movie history. They are set on achieving their goal, but at the same time they try to enjoy their time by having nice dinners, and riding an awesome roller coaster to their lab. That being said, Yzma and Kronk teach us that no matter how much work has to be done, or how bad your day is going, you need to make sure to take some time to have fun and enjoy life.


It’s okay to lose your cool sometimes. We know this from the god of the underworld himself, Hades. Every time one of his plans to get rid of Hercules forever fails, Hades, of course, gets extremely angry and loses his temper. It’s okay to get upset sometimes, as long as you give yourself time to calm down and recover from it.


If I could describe Ursula in one word, it would be confident. She loves herself and her body, and is extremely self-empowering. While she may be an evil sea witch trying to use Ariel to gain control of the sea, she teaches us the lesson that you should always love yourself and your body, regardless of your size (or how many tentacles you have).

So, next time you’re watching a Disney movie, don’t just write off the villains as being completely wrong – listen to them, and maybe they will be able to teach you something!



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