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Lessons Every Babysitter Is Bound to Learn

If you’ve ever babysat you know that it’s never as easy as you think it’s going to be. While little kids are undeniably adorable, their actions may tell a different story. You’re often left in utter perplexity asking, “Was I like this?” Of course your mental answer will be “no,” but don’t be quick to flatter yourself… all children have a crazy side—their cuteness just masks it. If you haven’t found them out yet, here are some things that all babysitters are eventually bound to learn. 

1.     It is EXTREMELY difficult to convince a child to brush their teeth.

2.     Yes, gummy vitamins are delicious… No, that doesn’t mean they can double as an ice cream topping.

3.     The kids you babysit are not afraid to do the worst possible things while you are there.

4.     Children’s TV shows today are absolute misery. What happened to Lizzie McGuire?!

5.     Babysitting requires that you become an expert at deal making.

6.     Letting anyone under the age of 13 do you hair increases your chances of early onset baldness by 100%. Take it from Barbie, she knows. 

7.     There are no such things as personal space and privacy.

While babysitting is a rewarding and an enjoyable way to make some extra money, mental preparedness is a must. Beware, be strong and brace yourself. 










Mikaela Rice Sophomore in A&S Environmental Geoscience
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