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Unpopular Opinion: Leggings are Pants

The topic of leggings as pants has been debated for quite some time. Some say that they should only be worn with a long enough top or on...

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It Was Just…Splendid!

On Sunday, March 20th, Splendid and Her Campus BC kicked off the beginning of spring with an in-store brunch event at Splendid in The...

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Vests for Fall

With this fickle fall weather, it’s difficult to decide whether or not to don a jacket in the morning before leaving for classes. If you’re...

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A Love Letter To My Flannel

Dearest flannel collection, Thank you for always being there. Your plaid pattern, your multitude of colors, your loving embrace. It is hard...

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Transitional Accessories

Everyone knows that the last thing you can rely on in Boston is the weather, especially as it enters the transitional state between fall...

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Three Tailgating Outfit Ideas

With BC football season in full swing you may still be worrying about what you’ll wear to the next home game, which in case you aren’t...