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Your Semester Style Guide, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Packing your closet for college can be extremely stressful: you want to be fun and inventive, but for some reason, college apartments have no idea what proper closet space is. However, college is a time to experiment with different senses of style—regardless of closet space. And while you are figuring out what to do with the rest of your life, you might as well have some fun with your wardrobe, right? Luckily, the stars can help you figure that out. 

Zodiac signs tend to have a sense of style, or aesthetic, that changes from person to person and sign to sign. With this in mind, learning more about your zodiac sign can help with figuring out your style this semester. 

Her Campus talked to Astrologer Taryn Leigh Bond to learn about the different zodiac sign’s aesthetics, and how identifying them can help you figure out your style this semester. 

Aries: Pop Punk

“Ruled by the fierce planet Mars, Aries is known to take risks,” Bond tells Her Campus. “Fearless, bold, and unapologetically themselves, Aries can bring back 90’s grunge and give it a new meaning – people always follow your lead.” That being said, an aesthetic based on the pop-punk movement is perfect for them.

Look for ways to wear plaid in a less preppy way and instead in a more Vivienne Westwood way. Ties, chunky layered accessories, oversized clothing, and fun makeup can also complete the look. Olivia Rodrigo, Avril Lavigne, and Niki Demartino are all great inspirations for this edgy and cool aesthetic.

Taurus: Cottagecore

“Taurus is goddess energy, but it’s also Mother Nature,” says Bond. So, that makes Cottagecore, an aesthetic rooted in nature, perfect for them. Try basket-woven handbags, floppy hats, flowy dresses, lace-up shoes, corsets, and floral patterns to channel your inner nature goddess. After all, Taurus is an Earth sign, hello!

Don’t shy away from a floral pattern or two. Embrace all of that Earthly energy, bestie!

Gemini: E-girl

“If anyone can pull off a total switch to tech-ware, it’s Gemini,” says Bond. Meaning: the E-Girl aesthetic is perfect for this air sign. According to Bond, when it comes to Gemini aesthetics, “the more unexpected, the better.”

So, go bold and edgy with garters, fishnets, black clothing, and lots and lots of leather. Think The Matrix and The Fifth Element mixed with a bit of 2000s grunge. If anyone can pull off the Gothic-tech aesthetic, it’s y’all!

Cancer: Balletcore

For Cancers, Bond suggests dressing “like you’re in a silent film reel from a July afternoon in 1940.” This specific description aligns with the balletcore aesthetic—a style that takes style inspiration from ballet culture. Pink, lacy, vintage, and delicate is the name of Cancer’s fashion game.

They may love a pastel color palette and dainty details, which makes the ballerina aesthetic perfect for them. Look for wrap sweaters, ballet flats, wrap skirts, shrugs, bodysuits, and flowy dresses to complete this delicate and stylish look.

Leo: Maximalist

Unapologetic glam is what Leo’s style is all about. “Dress like you’re going where you’d most want to be going,” says Bond. “You can make life your red carpet,”

To achieve this look, go all out, babe. From form-fitting dresses, lacy lingerie and jeans, layers and layers of statement jewelry, Scream Queens-inspired maximalism, and head-to-toe Barbiecore fashion, Leos have the confidence to pull off maximalism with ease. Nothing is too much, remember that!

Virgo: PrepPY

Virgos tend to be more reserved with their clothing, so Bond suggests this Earth sign to“let themselves dress a little sexier.” Enter: the preppy aesthetic. This style is perfect for a Virgo—it has nods to traditional and modest dress, but with a fresh and sexy twist.

Look for your basics in plaid skirts, white buttons downs, and black loafers, and finish your look off by playing with accessories like cute purses, fun jewelry, cool hair accessories, and interesting jackets. For style inspiration, try pulling from shows like Gossip Girl. In Bond’s words, “you can pull it off better than you may think!”

Libra: Euphoria 

Libras are social butterflies. So, what’s better than emulating a TV show everyone is talking about—Euphoria— and its most talked about character—Maddy. Dressed in matching sets with a Y2K flair, Maddy is the perfect style inspo for our bubbly and aesthetic-focused Libra.

“Monochrome color palettes all the way,” Bond says. “Bonus points if you go the extra mile and match your eyeshadow, too.” Don’t be afraid to let your attention to detail run amuck, Libras!

Scorpio: Trashy-chic

While Scorpios are private individuals, they are also outgoing individuals. So, the “trashy-chic” aesthetic which is equal parts comfortable and loud, is perfect for them. Staples include oversized tees, baggy jeans, neon colors, experimental accessories, cutouts, and rebellious ensembles. “Comfy-chic with a statement piece,” is the style approach Bond suggests fits Scorpios best.

“Let your outfit tell everyone how much you don’t care…or do you? You’re a walking mystery, and your style can back this up,” Bond tells Her Campus. Name something more Scorpio. I’ll wait.

Sagittarius: Twee

Sagittarius is a sign that craves a unique style that also appeals to their carefree nature. According to Bond, it’s best to find a style that “doesn’t look like you’re not trying too hard, but you also something that will show off off your figure!” Keeping that in mind, the unique and flattering twee aesthetic may be the perfect match for Sagittarius. The vintage feel of the Twee aesthetic can make Sagittarius feel like they’re on a new adventure, time traveling to another era.

Wardrobe staples include Peter Pan collars, bows, flare skirts, and headbands that would make Zoey Deschanel—the twee icon herself—proud. With fit-and-flare silhouettes, the twee aesthetic will help Sagittarius showcase their bod in a flattering and timeless way.

Capricorn: Vintage

Whether it’s the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s, vintage is Capricorn’s middle name (not really, but you get it). “Ruled by Saturn, the planet of tradition, indulge in forgotten styles of the past few decades,” says Bond. “Deep down, Capricorn is more than a little nostalgic. Remind others of the best of trends (long) gone by!”

With their analytical nature, Capricorns can use their personal style to learn more about history and aesthetics from different eras. Shopping at vintage, antique, and thrift stores can provide Capricorns with a style that’s nostalgic, timeless, and capable of telling a story. Who knew fashion could be so educational?

Aquarius: Skater

Aquariuses are loud and creative. They love experimenting with style and pairing unexpected things. So, the skater chic style is perfect for them: it’s all about individuality, creativity, and (most importantly) comfort.

“Mix big tees with little skirts, combine pieces others wouldn’t, and let your accessories tell us a story,” suggests Bond. Since Aquarius is a sign that thrives on uniqueness, it’s no wonder that this different and comfortable style is perfect for their free-flowing lifestyle. Skater-chic icons include Rue from Euphoria and famous skateboarder Lizzie Armanto, just to spark some inspo

Pisces: WhimsiGothic

Finally, Pisces are very introspective, creative, and dreamy. So, for this water sign, Bond tells Pisces to “let your outfit reflect your inner world, so full of hidden mysteries.” And what better aesthetic to embrace than the whimsical and unique whimsigothic style.

To achieve this look for pieces that are cape-like, velvet, purple, astrology symbols, flowy fabric, and black. Think Twitches, Stevie Knicks, and even Phoebe from Friends! Anything quirky, cool, and whimsy is sure to enchant Pisces.

As you’re gearing up for your semester, consider taking some pointers from astrology—especially if you’re unsure which aesthetic to embrace. Whether you’re all in on the maximalism trend, or more of a cozy, cottagecore kind of person, try to look at the stars (aka your Zodiac sign) for some overall inspiration.

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