Can We Talk About How Walmart Seriously Stepped Up Their Style Game? Here are My Fave Pieces Under $20

About a month ago, on a particularly sizzling day in Tallahassee, I decided to spend my lunch break wandering through Walmart because 1) I needed the exercise (working a desk job will do that to you) and 2) superstores are always freezing, which was perfect for my sweaty face. I never really expect to see anything exciting in Walmart; it’s more of a grocery stop when Publix seems too far away or too expensive. My walks through Walmart became a sort of habit that I looked forward to every few Mondays when I was too lazy to utilize the standing part of my standing desk. 

A few weeks ago, I was doing my usual rounds when I spotted them: the “it” girl shoe of the fall season. Snakeskin booties! At Walmart! For only $19.98! I immediately took off my Target work heels and tried them on. Needless to say, I had a total Cinderella moment and Walmart has been my spot for style steals ever since. Here are my current faves. 

  1. 1. THE Booties

    Time and Tru,, $20; shop now

    Obviously, I had to make these the first on the list because they were the first step into my Walmart fangirling. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they’re also super comfortable and versatile. I’ve already worn them to birthday dinners, work meetings, sightseeing, and at chapter when I’m feeling particularly cute. 10/10 would recommend. 

    Add them to your cart right now and your next wardrobe crisis will thank me.

  2. 2. A Sexy Sweater Set That Your Friends Will Think You Paid Way More For

    Say What?,, $15; shop now

    There is nothing cuter and more coordinated than a matching set—try and change my mind. Matching sets add an extra oomph to your outfit with how streamlined they are. The off-the-shoulder neckline perfectly balances out the slit in this skirt so that you’re showing just enough skin without completely freezing you’re a*s off.

    Pair the set with a pair of booties, or even thigh-high boots if you’re feeling like it’s a “Hot Girl Winter” and you’re ready to brace even the longest lines at brunch. 

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  3. 3. A Classic Peasant Dress À La Blair Waldorf 

    Time and Tru,, $16; shop now

    This black tiered peasant dress is exactly what I would wear to the Waldorf Thanksgiving dinner (if I was ever invited). If you recall Blair from Season 1 of Gossip Girl dressed in a preppy high neckline with lots of pearls, this is the new-and-improved 2019 version of that same aesthetic. 

    With a strand or two of white pearls and an embellished headband, you’re straight out of the Upper East Side and ready to take on Gossip Girl herself — minus the scandal and thousands of dollars spent on clothes, but they don’t need to know that. This dress is a best kept secret and you know I’ll never tell xoxo. 

  4. 4. A Holiday Party Dress That Will Make Your Friends and Co-Workers Jealous 

    Love Sadie,, $10; shop now

    There is nothing more difficult than finding a work-appropriate party dress that’s still  young and trendy. It’s like everyone expects 20-somethings to only wear shapeless sack dresses from the ‘90s once they graduate. 

    This party dress is a complete gamechanger because not only is it appropriate enough for a work party, but it doesn’t sacrifice style or trends. The midi length means the words “too short” won’t come out of your mom’s mouth when you FaceTime her in the dressing room, and the lace trim makes the dress even more “ooh la la”. Even if you don’t have a work party this holiday season, make sure to add this dress to your wish list. 

  5. 5. A Two-in-One Trendsetting Tote

    Like Dreams,, $16; shop now

    Do you ever scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and see something trendy and think “yeah, I wish I could pull that off”?  Well, that’s me every day and I’m currently obsessed with the clear bag trend. Not only has it been the ultimate blessing during football and basketball season, but it’s also just one of those cool girl trends that you have to get in on.

    And if you don’t want the entire world to know what’s in your bag, this tote comes with a normal clutch inside of it, giving you a little bit of privacy while still pulling off the look. 

  6. 6. A Sweater Made for Hot Chocolate and Gift Shopping

    Time and Tru,, $30; shop now

    Let’s be honest, there are a lot of sweaters out there and finding “The “One” is a lot like using Tinder — it’s so hit or miss. But I think I found a new contender worthy of a Super Like. Between the '70s inspired flare sleeves and the buttery soft material, this is a sweater that you can successfully wear with leggings and sneakers or skirts and boots.

    Even better, it has a high enough neckline so you won’t get frostbite on your chest, but you also won’t feel like you’re being suffocated (sorry turtleneck lovers).  

  7. 7. A Quilted Crossbody That Was Made for Holiday Party Season 

    Like Dreams,, $13; shop now

    It’s safe to say that there are two people in this world: those that lose their purse and those that don't. If you’re the type to throw your purse on the nearest chair and make your way to socialize, then this bag is for you. It’s stylish, it goes with everything, and it’s $13, meaning if you happen to leave it behind, it probably will not cause the same emotional breakdown that a Kate Spade or Louis would (aside from the loss of a few dollars and maybe your favorite lipstick that you left inside). 

  8. 8. Bonus: A Pair of Jeans That Will Make You Make Some Noise

    Time and Tru,, $13; shop now

    They’re the best of both worlds: flares and a scarf belt. If they don’t look familiar, it’s time to download Disney+ ASAP because Hannah Montana would 100% approve of these pants. I had to add them to the list because there’s no better feeling than nostalgia and no better way to beat that price. Plus, my goal for all of us in 2020 is to bring back the scarf belts. After all, we know even Miley loves a pair of Old Blue Jeans.

    Okay, I’m sorry you had to deal with all of my Hannah Montana puns. 

Happy shopping this holiday season and don’t forget to give Walmart a try. I know that it’s much more intimidating than Target with its unflattering fluorescent lighting and carts that somehow always have squeaky wheels. But trust me, it can be so worth it for both you and your wallet. 

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