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This Voiceover Challenge With a 5-Year-Old Might Be The Cutest Tutorial Ever

Beauty YouTubers are known for participating in different challenges to mix things up every once in a while, including the high school vs. now looks, no brushes challenge and full faces done with just one product. The newest craze, however, is a voiceover tutorial challenge and the videos produced have been nothing short of hilarious (check out this dad narrating his daughter’s makeup look). This time, YouTuber Ellerie posted a video featuring the voice of her adorable five-year-old daughter for an electric blue smokey eye look.

While listening to the tutorial, you’ll get a chance to learn how Ellerie completes the look, while hearing Yoshidall try to explain her mother’s routine—which ends up being insanely cute. 

Can all makeup tutorials feature little girls trying to explain complicated beauty tricks? It makes watching hours of videos even more enjoyable.

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Taylor Petschl

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Taylor Petschl is a Cal Poly SLO alum and is currently attending Boston University for graduate school. She is a former campus correspondent and editorial intern for Her campus! 
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