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Here’s How You Can Make Your Space Look Like The Trixie Motel (IYKYK)

Get ready to be even more obsessed with Trixie Mattel, the iconic winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, because she’s back in her new show, Trixie Motel: Drag Me Home. This spinoff is a follow-up to last year’s hit where Trixie and her partner, David Silver, bought and revamped a Palm Springs motel. Now, they’re taking on a new challenge — buying and renovating their dream home in LA.

Last night, I tuned into the first episode, and it’s everything you could wish for: hilarious, heartfelt, and full of phenomenal decor ideas. As Trixie and David navigate the ups and downs of homeownership and decorating, you’ll be inspired to bring a Trixie touch to your own space since she was born with this eye for decor (not clinical depression).

The show is quintessentially Trixie, perfectly blending her signature campy charm with her over-the-top style. Fresh off Pride Month, now is the best time to bring some of that Trixie Motel magic into your own space – think ‘70s disco Barbie with a delightful blend of glitter, bold patterns, and retro vibes. Imagine a living room adorned with sequined throw pillows, funky pastel wall art, and a glitzy, oversized mirror ball to tie it all together. It’s all about making your space as fabulous and fun as you are!

Whether you’re looking to glam up your space or just craving some bold decor, Mattel’s vibrant style is your go-to. From neon signs and shag rugs to retro record players and bright, vintage furniture, there are countless ways to channel her exuberant spirit into your decor. And bestie, you better werk with these seven Drag Me Home-inspired items.

Heart Side Table/Nightstand ($169)

Based on the Queen of Hearts room, here is a regal heart nightstand fit for a queen. Elevate your space with a charming heart-shaped accent that embodies the essence of royalty, appealing to your inner monarch and drag queen alike. Perfect in white or pink, each side table piece exudes a sweetheart special vibe that adds a touch of elegance and glamor to your palace.

Astronaut Light Projector ($24)

Put the extra in extraterrestrial with this space-inspired home decor item, based on the Atomic Bombshell room. Adorned with twinkling stars, swirling galaxies, and nebula clouds, your new projector is sure to send you out of this world. Whether you’re seeking escape from the mundane or longing to channel otherworldly glamor, embrace the magic of the cosmos in every corner of your space.

TwoDays Preppy Room Décor Prints ($10)

Transform your space into a beachy paradise, like the Malibu Barbara room, with Barbie-like prints that are as fierce as it is fabulous. From beaches all over the world, use these aesthetic prints to add a bold pop of color to your own slice of coastal glamor.

VIFULIN Flamingo Neon Sign ($14)

Let’s flamingle and chat about that ultimate poolside must-have: the flamingo neon light! It’s like bringing a slice of the Pink Flamingo suite vibe, combining it with Trixie’s playful energy, and adding a dash of that laid-back Palm Springs allure.

Flower Mirror ($40)

Get ready to let your inner flower child bloom with this totally rad retro flower mirror. Flower decor is coming back with power, like Trixie’s ‘70s-inspired Flower Power suite, and what better way to make your home flourish with flowers? This groovy mirror is sure to make your space bloom with personality as you embrace those vibrant hues and turn your room into a psychedelic petal paradise.

Giddy Up Vase ($27)

Saddle up and let’s rodeo with some cowboot decor! This hand-painted southwest-inspired ceramic vase, inspired by the Yeehaw Cowgirl suite, will have you shouting yee-haw until the cows come home (or maybe just until some of your plants bloom).

Bumble Bee Hooked Petite Throw Pillow ($19)

Get ready to be the queen bee of style with your sweet bumblebee based on the Oh Honeymoon suite. Abuzz with bright yellows and a cute little bee, you’ll definitely be the bee’s knees with this buzz-worthy item.

From neon signs to retro furniture, Trixie’s playful aesthetic offers endless possibilities for transforming your space into a fabulous summer sanctuary. And with these seven Drag Me Home-inspired items, you can effortlessly incorporate her bubbly charm into your casa. Whether it’s a regal heart nightstand, a cosmic light projector, or a groovy flower mirror, each piece adds a unique touch of Hollywood glitz and glamor to any room.

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