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ICYMI: These Drag Merch Items Directly Benefit Queer Foundations

Pride is in full swing across the U.S. meaning drag queens everywhere are booked and busy, whether they are national stars such as Alaska and Trixie Mattel or local drag scene peeps (shout out to the queens, kings, and royals of Clevland’s GlamGore and Uncle Lulu Events). Watching lip sync performances, heading to drag brunches, playing bingo, and doing everything else related to drag is an absolute necessity this month. TBH, seeing live drag and supporting performers is a must year-round for me, personally.Β 

Now, not unlike the first Pride beginning with the Stonewall Riots, this pride month is all about existing authentically and fighting for your right to do so. With a truly frightening amount of drag bans and anti-LGBTQIA+ sweeping the country, including in states such as Florida and Tennessee, it’s vital to fight back in any way possible. Stars such as Kelsea Ballerini, Sam Smith, and Lizzo have used their mega platforms to invite drag queens on stage and give a middle finger to bigoted politicians everywhere and uplift the queer community. However, you do not need a huge platform to support drag queens.

In fact, you can show off your support with what you wear and also support small artists and drag performers with these merch items. From shirts and mugs to pins and even plushies, each of these items gives back to various foundations including the ACLU Drag Defense Fund. Outside of these merch items, you can support the drag community by directly donating to local queer nonprofits, volunteering for events, attending shows, buying drag queen merch, and sharing your love across socials. Remember: Drag is not a crime!

The “I Am What I Am” T-Shirt

Drag Race star and one of my personal fave performers, Ginger Minj, launched the “I Am What I Am” campaign in tandem with her song of the same title on June 1. “The I Am What I Am is a queer human rights campaign centered around the belief that everyone should be heard, respected and celebrated for who they are,” the website reads. “We strive to be a platform which advocates for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and amplifies the voices of those who are not heard.” You can grab your own “I Am What I Am” T-shirt, trucker hat, tank top, or coaster and half of the proceeds will benefit the ACLU Drag Defense Fund.

This Trixie Mattel Plushie

It’s Trixie Mattel’s world and we are just living in it. The Cuddle Cult is a small business specializing in pop culture plushies, ranging from cute and fabulous with people such as Harry Styles and Alexis Rose to spooky and creepy options such as Beetlejuice and Edgar Allen Poe. You can order your own Trixie Mattel doll ($15) in the ornament, small, or large size and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU Defense Fund. Now all we need is a Katya doll to pair with her!

The “Move I’m Gay” T-Shirt

Everybody knows that the queer community is gifted with a knack for walking fast as hell, no matter how many iced coffees are in hand. This shirt ($25) designed by Backstitch Bruja tells people to get out of their way immediately. Plus, 100% of the proceeds from this shirt will be donated directly to the ACLU Drag Defense Fund. Honestly, this is definitely the shirt to wear to all the music festivals you head to this year.

The “Drag Her” T-Shirt

Larry Saperstein, the actor best known for portraying “Big Red” in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, made his own shirt for Pride to help drag queens continue to build their careers. “Drag inspires me every single day, and has taught me so much about being an artist and performer. I’m so happy to be able to give back a bit this pride season. (And if I do say so myself, the shirt is pretty cute ☺️),” he shares in an Instagram post. Grab this sweet and sassy shirt ($30) and part of the proceeds will directly benefit the ACLU Drag Defense Fund. That’s something to lip-sync about, if I do say so, myself.

The Sour Collective Stickers

Deck out your laptop, water bottle, notebooks, guitar cases, and the like with these drag queen stickers from The Sour Collective ($3). The messages and designs are both simple and effective. With each sticker purchase, a portion of the profit will be donated to the ACLU Drag Defense Fund. It’s a super cute way to defend drag, IMHO.

Drag Queen Mug

Yes, this design is cool AF! And what makes it cooler? Kevin Bacon donned this design on a shirt in a TikTok supporting drag performers with wife Kyra Sedgwick. Made through Bacon’s own non-profit Six Degrees, this lovely design is available on mugs ($18), notebooks, and shirts. A portion of the proceeds go to the ACLU Drag Defense Fund. I mean, I think we all need this based on how cool Kevin and Kyra looked in the video.

“Support drag” t-shirt

Etsy shop owner TheHappySundayCo is celebrating Pride through a variety of shirts, including this minimalistic “Support Drag” rainbow tee ($24). They’re also offering bisexual pride, transgender pride, asexual pride, and more shirts for every identity. No matter what you buy from this shop’s Pride collection, 10% of the sale will go right to the ACLU Drag Defense fund. You are sure to find a design to love.

“Drag Is Art” Lip Pins

Okay, but I need these lip pins from Junk Rocket like… yesterday! These “Drag Is Art” pins ($15) are small enough to fit on a jacket, lanyard, apron, work uniform, and more. It’s a small way to show off who you are and what you support in your day-to-day all while benefitting the ACLU Drag Defense Fund. Plus, need I remind you that these are literally the cutest things ever?

“I Stand With The Queens” Hoodie

Al the shes, gays, and theys love an oversized hoodie. Why not get a cozy sweater that also displays your values? This cute “I Stand With The Queens” hoodie ($33) is perfect for year-round wear and a portion of proceeds made by the Etsy shop will be donated to the ACLU Drag Defense Fund. This design also comes in T-shirts, mugs, and crewnecks if you need more options to show off your Pride.

Support Local Drag Stickers and Magnets

The best way to make change is by starting in your own community. Show up to local drag events, help them promote their work, join protests, and whatever else you can do. These “Support Local Drag” stickers ($4) and magnets serve as little reminders to make waves in your own neighborhood.Whenever you purchase one of these designs, the Etsy shop owner will donate 20% of the proceeds to Drag Story Hour. I am super ready to give my Hydro Flask a sticker upgrade.

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