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These Are the 4 Big Nail Polish Shades of the Summer

Summer is here and I can’t stop celebrating — even if that doesn’t include the usual shenanigans like vacations, road trips, and beach days. Are you also in need of some inspiration to channel all the summer vibes you’re missing? Remember that wherever you are, you can never underestimate the power of a good manicure on your mood. These four nail colors will brighten up your look and your day when you need it most. 


Bright Red

Red is a classic polish that will never go out of style. It can be worn year-round, but for summer go with an orange-red shade. This will pair well with a bronze glow and lots of happy time spent in the sun. 


Neon clothes and neon makeup are some of my obsessions — and now neon nail polish is too. Try out the trend for yourself with a neon yellow, green, purple, or pink. 

Sunshine yellow

This nail color will make you feel like you’re basking in sunshine, and/or vacationing on a beach in Italy. It’s perfect in a pinch to lift your mood and brighten your look. 

Baby blue

This color is serving Mamma Mia realness, and I recently tried this shade and I am obsessed. It pairs nicely with a sundress.

Little things like painting your nails can definitely help summer feel like summer. These four shades (well maybe seven if you include all the variations of neon) will keep the vibes going all season long.

Carly Long

Scranton '22

Carly is a senior studying Strategic Communications with a concentration in Legal Studies at The University of Scranton. This is her third year as CC at HC Scranton, which she hopes to continue to elevate. In her free time Carly can be found writing, working out, or buying new products to feed her skincare addiction.