College Beauty Awards: The Best Nail Art & Treatments

Not everyone gets excited about a good manicure the way we do, we get it. In college, there’s not always the cash for you to have standing nail appointments every week. It’s so much easier to swipe on some polish at home and ignore your cuticles and that topcoat/base coat suggestion, because you’re just going to stress-chew your fingertips anyway.

Here’s our secret though: fresh nails make you feel ready to take on the world. It’s the missing ingredient that adds something extra to your beauty routine, and it also doubles as an amazing moment of self-care. The College Beauty Awards are here to help you select the perfect shade, dorm-friendly kits and luxurious treatments that take your mani-pedi a little bit further. Whether you’re into no-frills looks or elaborate at-home nail art, take notes.

  1. 1. Dior Vernis

    Dior,, $28; shop now

    If you want couture color, this is absolutely the polish for you. Dior lacquer is beloved for its gel effect, and it's the ~fanciest~ at-home mani you can have. 

  2. 2. Essie Nail Polish

    Essie,, $9; shop now

    When it comes to sheer shades, Essie is our go-to. "Ballet Slippers" is one of the most renowned nail polishes of all time, but check out the other grown-up pinks like "Marshmallow" and "Limo Scene" for equally gorgeous color. 

  3. 3. Miracle Gel Top Coat

    Sally Hansen,, $8; shop now

    Sorry, but owning a top coat should be legally required once you get to college. Even if you're not a huge nail art fan, a coat of this will keep your nails from chipping and help your polish to last longer. It's a non-negotiable at this point. 

  4. 4. The Studio Box

    Olive and June,, $50; shop now

    This box has everything you need and more to execute a gorgeous at-home mani. It goes beyond polish to include a nail clipper, file, buffer, top coat and cuticle serum. LA girls are already obsessed with this kit, so hop on the trend. 

  5. 5. PoshPeel Pedi Cure

    Patchology,, $35; shop now

    Foot peels — you either love them or you're disgusted by them. Count us in the "love" camp, because we can't enough of of this peel from Patchology. The results go deep, and let's just say the skin on your feet will never be the same, but in the freshest way. 

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