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These Pins & Patches Make Us Feel Empowered AF & Ready to Change the World

Denim is a classic staple that everyone should have in their closet, however, no matter what you pair with it, Denim can still be kind of boring. Now don’t get me wrong, I know I just said that it’s a staple in any outfit, but the day’s of just wearing plain denim are behind us. While we still wait patiently for bedazzling to make a full comeback, another way to accessorize your jean jacket is by adding patches and pins to create an art collection on your denim.  

Wearing enamel pins and patches really up our denim game, but choosing the right accessories can be difficult. Instead of that basic peace sign pin or alien patch that you found on Amazon (which is totally cool if you have one,) think of choosing patches and pins that stand for something by brands that support Latinx, feminist, queer, and black lives. Check out these twelve shops that sell epic enamel pins and patches to add to your denim to show that you give a damn.

Radical Dreams PIns



Women. Make. Things. Happen. ✊??: @drknbryant

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Described as “lapel pins and accessories with a message and a cause,” Radical Dreams Pins is Black Woman-owned and features pins, patches, button and sets. The accessories feature designs displaying black figures in history and pop culture along with memes and inspirational sayings. Sayings like, “Black Girl Magic” and “Black Lives Matter” come in a pin, button and patch form. The pins pictured above feature black figures like Maxine Waters, Ella Baker and Zora Neale Hurston all at $10. Perfect for those needing a reminder to embrace their black identity and iconic women in history.

Radiant Beautiful Things



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With a focus on feminism and queer living, this shop is owned by a self-described queer feminist who features meaningful pins with cute fonts and fun colors. Important messages of trans lives inclusion, feminism and sexual assault survivors are displayed in pin form to show the importance of these matters in an artful way. There’s a pin for the feminist in all of us starting at $10 with sayings like, “I Believe Survivors” and “Trans-Inclusive Feminism”. 

The Found



This may be the single most important thing you do all year. Get out the ? VOTE ??

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Featuring A LOT of pop culture pins and patches like ones that depict a thriller era Michael Jackson ($4.95) and the best Golden Girl, Betty White ($11), this shop also has a large focus on politics. Their motto is a reminder for people to “Express Yourself” and you can do that with many of their political and inspirational pins that start at $11. Favorites are the pins urging everyone to “Vote” and to “Stay Woke” which is a universal message everyone should follow.

Girl Fawkes Pins

Designed with social justice and the 90’s in mind, these pins give you a little reminder to take a breather and think about your mental health. Both at $10, favorites from the shop are the pins calling attention to mental health with phrases saying, “It’s okay not to be okay” and “Anxious as F**k.” Perfect to place near the front of a jacket to keep as a constant pick me up for yourself.

Fairy Cakes



Our new rainbow Proud and Queer Patches go on sale this evening! Which one is your fave? ?

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A colorful sparkly haven is how I imagine my happy place to be and this UK based shop is embracing this. The shop features pins and patches with a feminist message but also one that embraces LGBTQ+ rights and lifestyles. Favorites are the hexagonal patches depicting a rainbow and the words, “Proud” ($7.70) and “Queer” ($7.70) written on them. A great bright addition to denim and large enough to stand out.

Bianca Designs



✨/Beyond the gender binary/✨ a pin for trans/non-binary folks orrr for anyone who feels that gender is a social construct ✊?? // Photo details: First photo is of the Beyond Gender pin in purple on a chunky black sweater and the second photo is of the Beyond Gender pin in black on a red and black flannel button down ✨ The pins are 1.25 inches wide, soft enamel (the surface is more bumpy, so you can see anddd feel the details on it more) and both were made with black metal ? . . . . . . #lgbtq #lgbtqplus #lgbtqia #beyondgender #genderisover #loveknowsnogender #transgender #nonbinary #genderqueer #queer #equality #loveislove #pingame #enamelpins #pinsofig #pinoftheday #pincommunity #pingamestrong #pinstagram #pinaddict #ihavethisthingwithpins #pincollection #flairgame #pincollector #pinparty #cutepinclub #pingameonpoint #pinwishlist #beyou #biancadesigns

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Embracing your identity and individual gender is the message of this shop. Owned by a Queer Latinx artist, the store focuses on messages that there are more than the female/male gender and that sexuality, in general, is a spectrum. Pins, patches and buttons with different sexual orientations, gender’s and pronouns can be found at this shop all for under $12. You can accessorize with your sexuality and be out and proud with pins and patches like the ones that say, “Beyond Gender,” and ones representing colors meaning, “Asexual Pride“, “Gender-Fluid Pride” and even “Ally Pride.” The spectrum is plentiful and this shop has something for all.





The next 100 Solidarity Pins are only $3 until we run out!

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Pronounce as Girl Trouble, this shop has a focus on dismantling racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and classism. Trying to combat all the bad in the world through art and accessories, this Afro-Latinx woman-owned shop has something for everyone. All under $10, pins that say “Latinx” and “BLM Panther Beret Pins” are featured in bright colors of that can show a representation of yourself and the inclusion that is badly wanted and needed

Coloring Pins




Lapel pins. Put em on your jacket, bags, hats. ✨ ✊?✊?✊?

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This shop just oozes black girl magic and confidence. A focus on the importance of embracing being black and a person of color. To show what you’re all about just by walking with one of these pins or patches on. As depicted the shop features pins that are reminders that black is beautiful and representation matters. Depicted is the Pantone-esq paint chart called, “Melatone“, the matter-of-fact question, “Does my Melanin Offend You“, and a constant reminder that “Black is the New Black.”

Embrace who you are and wear your cause as you walk around letting people know what you represent and what you care about with these accessories. 

Alexis Gaskin is a Her Campus Writer currently studying in Public Relations and Journalism at St. John's University. Originally from Maryland, she now calls NYC her home even though she still gets lost taking the F train. She considers Harry Styles to be a style icon and is obsessed with beauty and all things that sparkle.