10 Girl Boss Enamel Pins Your Jean Jacket Definitely Needs

With the cold weather comes the opportunity to add layers and layers of fun to our wardrobes––something we are all totally okay with. From bell sleeved sweaters to military style coats (yas, Oliva Palermo), this season provides us with the perfect chance to fully delve into the coolest trending outerwear.

Since jean jackets are evergreen in style, what better way to personalize yours this season than with a sassy, totally girl boss enamel pin? Here are the top pin picks to pair with your denim addiction. Can you handle the cool?

1. No Thank You (Etsy, $7)

2. Girls Pennant Pin (Tuesday Bassen, $10)

3. Slay Pin (Feminist Apparel, $11.95)

4. Grow A Pair Pin (Etsy, $10)

5. Beyonce Pin (Etsy, $10)

6. Girlboss Pin (Everyday Magic, $9)

7. Need Space Pin (hcxo.shop, $9)

8. Future Is Female Pin (Otherwild, $12)

9. Aggressive Pin (Tuesday Bassen, $12)

10. Boy Bye Pin (Etsy, $10)

Girl, your denim just got so next level. Where are you showing these babies off first?