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Spring is in full swing, and summer is right around the corner. This season is the perfect time to start experimenting with new styles and trends. Winter is long gone, and so are those bulky coats and blazers that come along with it. Only on a hot summer day can you wear the most minimalistic fit and snap the most Instagrammable pic for your feed! The sun is out and shining, the flowers are in full bloom, and you don’t even have to try and find a cute background — the warmer days will provide it for you!

When it comes to new trends this summer, it’s all about repurposing those from the autumn and winter seasons. If you’re just as excited about styling new summer pieces as me, I’ve pulled together the hottest summer trends that everyone will be wearing this season. From scrolling through Insta feeds and revisiting bookmarked posts to (informally) surveying my fashionista besties you’re sure to find your look of summer 2023 in this list!


Florals? In Summer? A cliche, I know. But the real star of the show this season isn’t just any flower, it’s the rose. Rosettes — especially those styled in unusual ways — have become the fashion trend this summer. With fashion powerhouses and your favorite celebs spearheading the trend this spring, it’s sure to stick around for the summer months. From rosette-adorned dresses to rose-inspired hair accessories, this is a trend I can’t wait to try for myself.


That’s right. It’s time to break out your jean shorts for summer! Although this style may seem like an obvious choice for the season, your outfit’s vibe really depends on what kind of shorts you go for. This year, I’m loving all things loose and long. Consider thrifting a pair, or snag the High Rise Loose Shorts ($70) from Abercrombie and Fitch!

Sheer Dresses

Sheer clothing has been in style for quite some time now. But there’s no better time to try out new sheer styles than in the summer. If you’re not sure where to start when wearing sheer clothing, I recommend going all-in and picking up pieces like the Pretty Little Thing Textured Sheer Mesh Maxi Dress ($35) or the Keep Me Up Maxi by Free People ($128)!

Maxi Skirts

OK, fashion lovers, this trend definitely isn’t new, but hear me out. For summer 2023, it’s time to ditch the denim maxi skirt that took over the fall season and switch over to all things flowy and long. This season, I’m excited to break out my Devon Maxi Skirt by Lioness ($79), the Dale Maxi Skirt by Princess Polly ($55), and all of the other beautiful maxi’s I’ve thrifted!


A waistcoat is the new go-to-piece for all fashion lovers these days, and I’m totally here for it. If you style a waistcoat correctly, it can channel the perfect blend of feminine and masculine charm. Not sure where to start? I recommend going for a matching set, like Margot Robbie rocked in January, or pair a vest similar to Pacsun’s Fitted Denim Vest ($50) with your favorite jean shorts!

Madison Bailey

App State '23

Madison Bailey is a national writer at Her Campus Media focusing on all things style, beauty, and lifestyle. She works closely with the style and lifestyle verticals at Her Campus, including reviews, roundups, sustainable style, and pop-culture. After graduating from Appalachian State University in May 2023 where she was Campus Coordinator of Her Campus at App State, Madison has written for Teen Vogue, Modeliste Magazine, Global Garbs, and more. Her time as Head Writer for The Collective Magazine, Appalachian State’s fashion and culture magazine, sparked her passion for the exciting world of fashion. She is currently in marketing at Modeliste Magazine where she’s able to celebrate her favorite things; fashion, beauty, celebrities, influencer style, and travel. In her free time, you can find Madison soaking in all the beauty that the blue ridge mountains have to offer. Or, when she’s not writing, you can find her thrifting, sipping a raspberry matcha, or cooking her favorite vegan meals!