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You Can Save 30% On Parade’s New Swimwear RN

The weather is warming up, which means bikini season is upon us. Scoring the perfect bikini is an adventure on its own, from finding the right fit to looking for sustainable swimwear brands. Swimwear lines in the past have failed to accommodate bodies of all shapes and sizes, which plays into the harmful stereotype of the “bikini body” being a skinny one. News flash: Every body is a bikini body and you deserve to be comfortable this spring and summer. Shopping for swimwear shouldn’t be a feat, but rather an enjoyable experience to get you excited for the hot days ahead. In 2023, it’s time to spend money on swimsuits that suit the real you, not the exclusive prerogative — and Parade’s swimwear collection will help you do just that. 

Thankfully, Parade is here to make waves in the swimwear industry. The popular lingerie brand launched its first-ever swimwear collection that is both inclusive and sustainable. Get ready to add these suits to your cart ASAP, because days of lounging under the high UV index are just around the corner. 

Parade’s swimwear is living up to its inclusive reputation. 

Parade became popular among Gen Z for its attention to comfortability, sustainability, and inclusivity. Their lingerie is a safe space for anyone wanting to experiment with undergarments. This is shown in their mission statement, “Everybody deserves to express themselves however they choose — we’re all unique.” The brand continues to work toward gender-inclusive and size-inclusive options, and its new swimwear line is a testament to this. 

The swimwear collection features the “fit, flatter, and comfort” of their popular lingerie styles, such as the Triangle Bikini Top ($36). The size range of the swim pieces ranges from XS to 3XL. With the wide size range and tying in aspects of their lingerie, they are hoping the collection helps you feel comfortable in your skin. They are pushing forward the concept that both lingerie and swimwear should feel like an extension of yourself, even labeling their swimsuits as “second-skin” suits. 

The collection is versatile in its styles and uses. 

Parade is reimagining the use of swimwear. The brand is tearing down the idea that bikinis are only meant for the beach or the pool. Their new collection features one-pieces that double as bodysuits and tops, like the Perfect V Plunge One-Piece ($68) and the Summer Skin Cutout One-Piece ($68), so no need to change when you’re heading from the beach to a sunset dinner. 

Their collection is filled with an assortment of colors from stunning blues to deep reds. Parade stuck with colors rather than patterns, making it easy to mix and match the suits. The tops include three styles: criss-cross ($38), scoop ($36), and the aforementioned triangle, giving you options for varying levels of chest support and fun looks to play around with. The bottoms also have differing levels of coverage with high-cut briefs ($34), cheeky bikini bottoms ($34), thong bikini bottoms ($32), and boyshorts ($36). Whether you’re going surfing or tanning, there’s a style for every activity and figure. 

Parade swimwear is both sustainable and affordable with a 30% off sale on bikinis. 

It’s not often you get a swimwear collection that is both sustainable and cost-friendly, but Parade does it all. Similarly to their eco-friendly lingerie, their new collection is made out of Ecosplash, a swim material made out of recycled materials. Nothing like saving the environment while basking in it!

Despite their high attention to sustainability, their prices are still reasonable. Individual pieces start at $32 and go up to a maximum of $68. Though this might still be a little pricey, you’re paying for swimwear that is high-quality, sustainable, and most importantly, fit for you. Parade is also offering up to 30% off on swimsuits when you mix and match bikini styles to build a bikini. They just get it.

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