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12 Spirit Halloween Plus Size Costumes That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Halloween season is finally back, and as spooky as ever! This season is full of candy, apple cider, pumpkin spice, scary movies, and the only occasion you can dress up to mimic someone else. Picking out Halloween costumes — whether for a big party or an intimate get-together with friends — takes time and creativity if you want to come up with the best costume. Though I hate being the bearer of bad news, it’s time to go online (or head to the nearest costume store) and buy that costume you’ve been eyeing, since we’re already halfway through October.

It’s difficult to find costumes that not only aim for what you want to dress as, but also making sure it comes in your size — something that’s crucial for plus-sized people. Costume sizing is not always the most inclusive, with many companies not even making their most popular costumes available in bigger sizes. But one of the best places to find decent and trendy plus-size costumes is good ol’ reliable Spirit Halloween. Spirit Halloween has an excellent variety of plus-size costumes that come in different styles and levels of comfort. Here are the best plus-size costumes to snag at Spirit Halloween.

A League of Their Own plus size costume ($50)

One of my favorite girl-power movies is the ‘90s classic A League of Their Own, which tells the story of a professional all-female baseball league during World War II. The costume is a beautiful pink dress that is fun and sporty but still looks totally comfy.

Dark Ringmaster plus size costume ($60)

This ringmaster costume is bound to make you the star of any party! It comes with lots of accessories, including a bowtie, a hat headband, and a pair of knee-high socks to match the dress. Pair with some black boots and you’ll be leading the show.

Flapper Dress plus size costume ($50)

This flapper costume will teleport you to the 1920s, feeling like you’re at one of Gatsby’s parties! Flapper dresses are SO stylish and glamorous. The flapper dress costume comes with a matching headband, but if you snag a boa and gloves, you’ll feel even more like a 1920s girlie. Heads up, the plus size versions of this costume are only available in-store, so head to your local Spirit Halloween to pick it up!

Cruella de vil plus size costume ($60)

Disney’s most stylish villain is another great costume idea. This amazing Cruella de Vil costume is one of the best I’ve seen! It comes with a dress, spotted vest, her iconic wig, and gloves. Match it with a pair of red pumps and red lipstick and you’ll be the best villain at the party.

Barbie plus size costume ($50)

After seeing the blockbuster Barbie movie this summer, who wouldn’t want to dress as they live in Barbieland? This Barbie pink jumpsuit comes with sunglasses and a headband to make you feel like a Barbie doll. Finish this costume with some pink heels or sneakers!

Beetlejuice Plus Size Costume ($60)

This costume is for those who enjoy watching the cult classic Beetlejuice during the Halloween season. Transform into the lead ghost of the hit film with the iconic striped suit, tie, and pin accessories that will have everyone yelling, “Beetlejuice!”

Creepy Clown plus size costume ($60)

Clowns are both fun and absolutely terrifying, so they make a great Halloween costume. With striped pants, a polka-dotted shirt, a collar, red suspenders, and a tiny red hat, you’ll totally look the part!

Glinda plus size costume ($55)

If you want to be a good witch this year, Glinda from the Wizard of Oz is the costume for you. You’ll look dazzling in a pretty pink gown and crown — make the look even more glamorous with a wand.

Pink Lady Plus Size Costume ($40)

Being a Pink Lady is a great costume idea because everyone has seen — or at least knows — the iconic Grease movie. This costume is a great option if you’re in a time crunch. All you need is the jacket, black pants or leggings, and sunglasses!

Skeleton Plus Size Costume ($70)

Skeletons are a Halloween staple and are easy yet fun to dress up as. This costume is unlike other skeleton costumes because it includes a skeleton blazer with skeleton chains, a skeleton-printed catsuit, and a pair of hand covers. Bonus points if you have the talent to do skeleton makeup to complete the look!

Sun Goddess plus size costume ($50)

Embrace your inner goddess this year with this ethereal sun goddess costume. The costume comes with a comfy and sexy jumpsuit, a celestial sun and moon belt, a long sheer cape, and a gold accent headband. Match with some gold jewelry and you’ll be exuding goddess energy.

Little Red Riding Hood Plus size costume ($65)

This Little Red Riding Hood costume is a mix of whimsical and sexy. Pair it with the matching hood, tights, and black platforms to complete this cute costume.

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