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Sofia Richie Grainge Has A Signature Summer Scent & Here Are The Dupes For It

Sofia Richie Grainge has a signature scent, so we need a signature scent, too. On June 1, Grainge posted a getting ready with me for dinner with her husband, Elliot Grainge. She sported a beautiful, all-black Simon Miller set which she paired with some colorful accessories and of course, her signature Jo Malone London colognes. The video was in partnership with the brand, but if it’s Grainge-approved, I’m in. 

She mixed two best-selling Jo Malone London Colognes to get her desired scent. First, she applied a spritz of English Pear & Freesia to each wrist followed by a spritz of Nectarine Blossom & Honey. English Pear & Freesia is described as a luxurious bouquet of white freesias and pears on an autumn day mixed with notes of amber, patchouli, and woods. Nectarine Blossom & Honey is a trip to a garden on a spring day. With notes of nectarine, peach, honey, and flowers, this scent is playful and aromatic. 

She finished the video with two more spritzes of each on her chest and headed out smelling divine for the rest of the night. She says the combination of the two is her signature and the perfect scent for summer. Retailing at $155 per 100oz bottle, though, it’s not exactly doable for all of the college kids out there. So, here are eight dupes for you to try (four for each scent) before you take the $310 plunge on these SRG-signature scents. 


Summer nights with my signature scent 🍑🍯🌸 @Jo Malone London #JoMaloneLondonPartner

♬ original sound – Sofia Richie Grainge

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia dupes.

The first scent Grainge uses is fresh, crisp, and perfect for summertime… and layering with other perfumes.

Dossier Floral Pear

A direct dupe of the Jo Malone London cologne, this eau de parfum ($29) will be the closest you can get to smelling like Sofia Richie Grainge for a fraction of the cost. 

The 7 Virtues Lotus Pear

With notes of pear and florals, this scent ($88) is perfect if you were looking for something a little more feminine and sweet than the Jo Malone version. 

The Essense Vault English Pear and Freesia

Another direct dupe of the English Pear and Freesia, try out this perfume ($35) from The Essense Vault.

Mix:bar Pear Blossom

Run down to your closest Target and snag this dupe ($24)! With notes of pear, peony petals, and applewood, this scent will be closely similar to the $155 Jo Malone cologne. 

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey Perfume dupes.

To bring out that sweet, summertime scent, Grainge layered with this second (and equally expensive) Jo Malone perfume. Layered with English pear & Freesia, the second scent helps to create a sweeter mix — I’m obsessed.

Dossier Fruity Honey

Pair this ($29) with the other Dossier eau de parfum, and you may be mistaken for Sofia Richie Grainge. This is a direct dupe for her second scent for such a great price. This way there is no commitment if you decide it may not be the scent for you. 

Oakcha The Beekeeper

Inspired by Nectarine Blossom and Honey, this scent ($40) is another great option if you are looking for a cheaper alternative.

By Rosie Jay James Perfume

Playing more on the woody earthy side of this scent, the James Perfume ($75) has notes of fig, amber, and gardenia. 

Reserve Radiant Nectar

With notes of pear nectar and citrus fruit, this sweet scent ($110) is great for imitating the warmth of the summer sunshine. 

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