So, Hair Barrettes & Clips Are Officially Back & It's Time to Dig Through Your Childhood Home's Drawers

Remember dragging your mom to the hair accessories aisle at the grocery store? You'd beg her to buy you those rainbow butterfly clips you saw Lizzie McGuire wearing on last night's episode. Well, start digging through your childhood home drawers, because hair clips have made a major comeback.

Once the staple of every 90's teenager's wardrobe, barrettes and hair clips are one of fashion's biggest accessories right now. Wondering why this trend is so big this season? We've grabbed a few iconic looks for inspo that will make you say, "okay, hair clips are for sure a thing again."

Makes me feel like a kid again

When Fashion Month rolled around and designer runways and street style icons alike sported old school hair accessories, I got that kid in a hair accessories aisle feeling again. With so many options to choose from: glitter, pearls, rhinestone tortoise shell — how can you not be excited? Let's be real, we all love feeling like a kid again

Great for growing out bangs 

In middle school, I thought it'd be a great idea to cut myself some bangs. Needless to say, a few minutes and a pair of scissors later I instantly regretted my decision. The next few months were spent desperately trying to sweep my bangs back using any barrette I could get my hands on. Hair accessories became my new favorite way to hide my awkward hair cut. Consider today's hair clip trend the adult version. Sweep any awkward length hair pieces back with fun clips and voila!  



new hardware 📎📎📎

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Adds personality to your 'fit

Consider hair clips to be just another accessory to add to your wardrobe. Just like earrings and necklaces, hair clips add that something special to your everyday outfit. When it comes to clips, the bolder the better. Play with size, finish, and even throw on more than one! Play around until you find a hair accessory style that fits you.




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Doesn't require washing my hair

I'm all for any trend that lets me sleep in an extra twenty minutes. A hair clip and dry shampoo combo does wonders to turn your greasy hair days into a fashion statement. Either slick your hair back into a ponytail or loosely into a low bun, then snap a few clips on each side to frame your face. Trust me, no one will even be able to tell! 



It takes a village (of hair clips)

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Makes a statement 

When Selena Gomez used her barrette to send a message to a hater, I was shook. I don't know about you, but this is the kind of energy I plan to bring to 2019. Nowadays, hair clips aren't just a fashion accessory: they're a statement maker. While these quirky clips made popular by big designers like Dior and Chanel, they're easy to find on any budget

Honestly so much fun to wear

Let's not forget the golden rule, AKA that fashion is all about fun. Your style expresses who you are to the world. My current statement to the world goes something like "this girl really likes accessorizing" and I am 100% okay with that. Hair accessories can add so much personality to your outfit. Whether you want to add playfulness, glam or a bit of chic to your 'fit, there's a hair accessory out there for you! 



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Stuck in the '90s? Obsessed with all things tortoise shell? Or are you more of a pearl girl? Show us how you wear your favorite hair accessories by tagging @hercampusstyle