10 Small Online Boutiques To Shop From This Holiday Season

Let be honest with each other: as much as we all love the rushing adrenaline that comes with the anticipation of mall doors being opened like the gateway to a shopper's dreams, it can get old — quickly. Yes, running through the stone floors of the mall may be the key to holiday-food-burning cardio. But once you’re finished, you’re out of breath and money. Besides, cashing out online saves you more in the long run. According to Business Insider, research showed that last year Cyber Monday’s average savings percentage points were 2.5% higher than in-mall Black Friday savings. If this isn't a peek into future holiday sales, I don't know what is.

The goal is always to shop smarter, not harder. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll tell you what it means for me. This Holiday season, I’m skipping out on the mall’s Hunger Games and making shopping a little more personal. The hand that once held dozens of shopping bags will only be holding a cup of hot chocolate as I sit on my couch and scroll online for my “needs.” This year’s scrolling won't be in vain either, because I’ll be supporting my local girl gang by filling my cart with products from small businesses ran by epic women like the ones listed below.

  1. 1. Cadence Candle Co.

    Cadence Candle Co. is a musically-inspired candle company (hence the name), with the purpose of “lighting a vibe.” Some candles even come with their own playlists! Talk about killing two birds with one stone during our self-care Sundays.

    They make the perfect gift for a loved one, or the perfect guilt-free spend for yourself. One of my all-time favorite scents? Flower Bomb ($30, shop now)! With notes of wild rose, vanilla, and orchids, it's a clean scent that refreshes my body and relaxes my mind. 

  2. 2. My Tea Drops 

    With the fall semester ending for most students, a stress reliever is sometimes the best way to start winter break. But an afternoon of self-care isn’t complete without a warm, tasty companion. Take care of your internal health this holiday season with My Tea Drops, organic and dissolvable capsules of tea for some “you-time.”

    Don’t worry, you’ll get that same satisfaction of watching a bath bomb dissolve into water. If you're overwhelmed by the tons of options there are to choose from, I’ll give you a delicious few to start with. If you’re a Starbucks drinker or Chai Lover like me, their Chai Spiced Latte Kit ($15, shop now) or their Chai Spice ($14, shop now) drops are great for the chilly days to come! 

  3. 3. Humans Before Handles 

    As the cold season makes its way in, there's always a way to spice up plain sweaters and jeans into trendsetting outfits. One way I love to liven up my look is by adding the perfect statement earrings to say everything my outfit isn't. Human’s Before Handles has a wide selection of eclectic pieces you’ll never forget. 

    Humans Before Handles embrace the value of style, and how it is shaped from individuality rather than fast trends. Their name is a play on humanity before social media handles were “a thing.” With a great message and cute pieces, who couldn’t fall in love with this brand? Some earrings that I’ve personally had my eye on are the Fanta Studs ($25, shop now). They give me a vintage elegance feel with the golden and pearl pairing, yet modern touches in shape and form.

  4. 4. Range Beauty

    Most of the time, many women are left standing in cosmetic stores silently shouting, “You don’t have the range!” at the brands that fail to carry tones, powders, and products that don't compliment their skin. Yet, Range Beauty focuses on providing “clean beauty for the forgotten shades.” With a name so straightforward and an inclusive set of vegan cruelty-free products, how could one go wrong? 

    One of my favorite products would have to be their Bali Full Body Glow ($15, shop now). Glitter body butters and oils can be tricky to buy, especially since some can end up being as thin as water on your skin. With Range’s formula, the glow given is undeniably bright and beautiful. 

  5. 5. London Grant Company

    If you’re still on the hunt for cruelty-free skincare products that still get the job done, London Grant is an artisan skin care line made with “pure and plant-centered products.” They are cruelty-free and child-friendly, making it the best of both worlds (and generations). My personal favorite would have to be their Honey Coco Body Polish ($16, shop now), as it buffs away scaring and hyperpigmentation one scrub at a time.  

  6. 6. Becalia Botanicals  

    One of the best things about holiday shopping is that there are tons of options to choose from. Every brand is serving up their best for the busy season, and within the skin-care community, there are hundreds of brands waiting to “do your skin right.”

    Becalia is a natural skin care and beauty company that is inspired by its founder’s Latin American Heritage. Their goal is to "help women feel pure, fresh, balanced, and empowered.” Yet, this brand doesn't only focus on your face. Body is a huge part of their mission as well. Some bomb products to try out are their Concha Whipped Body Butter ($10, shop now) and their Sugar Skull Brown Sugar Scrub ($10, shop now). 

  7. 7. Bad Girl, Good Human

    Finally, a shirt that speaks to me and doesn’t sport the slogan “I hate Mondays.” Bad Girl, Good Human is all about embracing the duality of womanhood. They focus on  being unapologetically you while spreading light in the process. They definitely have some sweatshirt sets that would look comfy with my Ugg Boots for my 8 am classes, or chic with some heeled booties and some earrings from Humans Before Handles.

    In any way it presents itself, this brand doesn't fail at showing how versatility womanhood can be. It doesn’t matter if you pick up a Bad Girl tote or T-shirt, you’ll rock both either way.

  8. 8. Indie House Fragrances   

    If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly looking for the next best smell. Yes, you read it right: the next best smell. I’m always on the hunt for a nice fragrance to sport to brunch or a highly anticipated date night. Yet, the search can be hard when you don’t know where to start.

    Indie House Fragrances is a modern fragrance bar that stands on the saying that “scent is your most powerful tool.” They focus on saving others from the confusion that consumes many in large department stores and encourages others to play and have fun with different scents. 

  9. 9. Shop Clear Lee

    Okay, so I’m ready say that the transparent trend never really “died out.” If anything, it has amplified to make some transparent shoes, coats, and purses the newest phenomenon. So, why not join in on the fun and take joy in filling your cart up with these undeniably stylish bags.

    These cute and compact bags are great for a football game, spring break trip, or a quick walk to the campus café. You can stuff anything from some killer shades to your Student ID in these babies, and look cute while doing so. 

  10. 10. Olive Bloom Decor

    Need some new wall décor to fill up the blank space in your dorm room or apartment? Have you been looking for cozy accessories that are too cute to deny? Olive Bloom Décor is great with its bohemian inspired décor and style, complete with vibrant colors, dreamy patterns, and comfy cloth. Try the Andy Wall Hanging ($25, shop now) or the Ramona Plant Hanger ($22, shop now). Why aren’t you already on your way to checkout? 

Bring in your holiday looks and gifts this year with a slightly clearer conscience of how much you’ve spent and relish in the joy you’ll feel after you’ve supported your local girl gang. If you’re looking for more women-owned independent business to support, remember that they’re out there—it just takes a little digging and support to find them! Be the change you want to see this holiday season. 

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