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Design by Addie Abujade for Her Campus
Design by Addie Abujade for Her Campus
Design by Addie Abujade for Her Campus
Her Campus x Ulta Beauty

5 Skincare Essentials You Need to Keep in Your Backpack This Year

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It’s a new school year, which means it’s the perfect time to head to Ulta Beauty and pick up some new products to refresh and reinvent your on-the-go skincare routine. As busy college students, we’re constantly moving so it’s important to prioritize your skin even while you’re on campus, in class, or at the library. Whether you carry a tote, a purse, or a backpack, these 5 skincare essentials will single-handedly improve your semester when you add them to your bag!


One of the most important items to keep in your bag this semester is sunscreen! It’s a common misconception that you only need to wear sunscreen during the summer, but you should wear it year-round. It’s so important to reapply during the day, as most sunscreens last for about two to three hours. 

Constantly protecting your skin will lighten dark spots, reduce acne, and bring out your best glow. Depending on your skin type, there’s sunscreen for everyone ranging from matte to even stick sunscreen. Try exploring your options to keep your skin healthy and protected this year!



As we still feel the heat from the summer and transition into fall, sometimes we forget to hydrate our skin – so try carrying a small facial mist in your bag and spray it in between classes! I personally love spraying my face with a rose water facial mist since I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated during the day.

Ulta Beauty Collection Rosewater Facial Mist 


I can never leave the house without lip balm – and you shouldn’t either! Keeping your lips hydrated and soft is very important, especially during the colder months (which will be here before we know it!). I recommend starting with a base lip balm that’s thick and basic before applying a scented one on top. This way, your lips will be double moisturized and fully protected.

BLK/OPL Lip Balm 


I was heavily inspired to implement oil-absorbing sheets into my fall routine after how much I sweat walking around on campus last year – and trust me – these sheets will literally save your skin in college. Dabbing your skin with these sheets in between classes helps freshen up your look and will reduce the oil on your face!

r.e.m. beauty Satin Sheets Blotting Papers


This is my personal must-have item because – between touching my face during class and stressing about exams – I’m prone to pimples. So, carrying around these patches saves the day! They’re super easy to use and help heal a zit quickly. There are also different kinds as well, ranging from visible to invisible – and no matter which you choose – you’ll definitely see a change in your skin.

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Original Acne Pimple Patches

So – what are you waiting for? Add these amazing products to your Ulta Beauty cart right now so you can keep them in your backpack and have glowing skin all semester long! 

Imara Moore

Howard '25

Imara Moore is a junior journalism major and content writer for Howard University's Her Campus chapter. She covers topics surrounding fashion and culture, while also writing skincare articles for Her Campus x Ulta Beauty's HBCU program. Beyond Her Campus, Imara is an intern for The Recording Academy, graphic designer for Cover 2 Cover Magazine at Howard and freelance writer for different publications. In her free time, she loves to thrift, try new foods and travel.