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8 Easy Group Halloween Costume Ideas For You & Your Besties

Spooky season is here — which means more than just the beloved fall Starbucks menu. As Oct. 31st draws closer and closer, that also means more pressure on finding the perfect Halloween costume.

Especially as college students, group costumes are a must — they’re much more fun, creative, and impressive, and they’re perfect for parties. If you’re searching for a costume for your group of three, four, or five, look no further — here are some easy options for you to choose from, including classics and ideas perfect for 2022. And because we’re college students, most of these costumes can also be done on a budget.

3 People


With the second season having been released this year, three people is perfect for a Bridgerton Halloween costume. This way, you can capture the essence of the show’s style without much repetition in what each person wears. Plus, dressing in a group for such a classy costume will likely make it easier for people to understand what you’re dressing as. If you want, you can match the colors of the Bridgerton sisters (a pale blue) or the Featheringtons (a bolder yellow). But really, to emulate this show’s style, all you’ll need is a fancy dress and some accessories — think pearls, gloves, and a neat updo hairstyle.


Speaking of iconic style, there has never been a more classic trio costume than Clueless’s Cher, Dionne, and Tai. Just grab some matching plaid skirts and tops in different colors, and this costume is set. Plus, if you’re dressing as Cher, don’t forget to chew some gum to really seal the deal. It’s cute, relatively comfortable, and everybody will know exactly what you’re dressed as.

4 People

The Scooby Doo Gang

If you’re one person shy of being the Spice Girls — or just want to try something different — Scooby Doo is the way to go. It’s another way to make use of some items you may already have in your closet — a big green t-shirt, an orange sweater, a purple dress, a white shirt, and some scarves. And why not grab some Scooby Snacks while you’re at it, to really seal the deal?

Harry Potter Houses

For those four-person friend groups where everyone has a different personality, try dressing up as students in each of the four Hogwarts houses. Just pair a classic tie or scarf with a button-up, and maybe even a robe. Not only will this clearly resemble the four houses, but it’s also a great conversation starter about each of your personalities — and a way to show spirit for your house (go Ravenclaw!).

5 People

The Spice Girls

If you’ve got a group of five and haven’t done this costume yet, this is your year to try it! You’ll probably be able to use clothes you already have in your closet (other than a dress with the British flag on it for Ginger Spice) — especially with Y2K fashion being in style. Just don’t fight over who gets which Spice Girl!

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
charlie and the chocolate factory
Warner Bros.

Here’s another five-person costume that’s easy to replicate: The five Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kids, including Violet’s iconic tracksuit and Veruca’s pink dress. It’s also one sure to make people laugh, depending on how full-out you go. Be sure to print out some golden ticket replicas and you’ll be good to go.

Over 5 People


This costume is perfect for so many reasons. It’s super flexible — you can try it with as many people as you want, and wear whatever style of Barbie you want. I recommend doing this costume in a group, and having each person dress as a different kind of Barbie (workout Barbie, fancy Barbie, beach Barbie — you name it). Plus, Barbiecore is all over the Internet right now — 2022 is definitely the year to try this costume.

Taylor Swift Eras

With her new album Midnights on its way to us soon, we’re due for a new era of Swiftie style. Pay homage to the new release or your favorite Taylor era (ahem, Reputation) with this group costume. Even if you’re a couple people shy — as in, nobody wants to dress as the debut era — you can still pull this costume off.

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