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7 of My Favorite Online Boutiques That Are Actually Legit & Affordable

It seems every year at this time we get into our biggest shopping rut. There is so much shopping to do for the summer season from beach vacations and lake days, to weddings, last season’s closet just isn’t going to cut it. While we love our H&M and Pac Sun dearly, you can only refresh the “New Arrivals” tab so many times. 

In today’s world, just about anyone can make an online store through their shoppable Instagram account and there are hundreds if not thousands of shady sites that just look too good to be true. It’s hard to know which stores you can trust, especially when you’re on the hunt to find lesser-known stores. That’s why I’ve done the digging for you and rounded up a list of my all-time favorite online boutiques you will be shopping at all summer long.


ROOLEE is an online boutique created by small town Utah college student Kylee Champlin. ROOLEE is almost overwhelming with the amount of trendy and so absolutely in styles it offers. Kylee incorporates her own personal style into her brand and let’s just say her taste is a one big marriage of Urban, Brandy Melville and every 20-something Insta influencer you’ve ever seen.

They offer just about everything from activewear, rompers and summer dresses, swim, kids, mom and even house and home.

ROOLEE is absolutely slaying the game in about every category, but the first things I’m adding to my cart are hands down going to be one of their flirty rompers, high-waisted swim bottoms and a pair of joggers to rival Lululemon.

My favorites are the Beachwood Cafe Jumpsuit, the Sunburst Bikini Bottoms, and the Go-Getter Pocket Leggings.


Made By Mary is a unique online jewelry store where every piece is hand made in Salt Lake City. The pieces are dainty and simple and almost everything is customizable, which makes for extremely easy accessorizing––they go with any outfit!

One of the Made By Mary collections is called the Birth Flower Collection. For each month, there is a corresponding birth flower, like a birthstone. The collection includes the basic birth flower necklace that has hand-drawn flowers stamped onto gold disk pendants, birth flower pins, and another necklace with a second disk for customizable text. These make really cool pieces if you’re looking for something personal other than a birthstone to represent your birth month.


One Loved Babe is an absolute wonderland for jumpsuits, summer footwear, comfortable, but ultra-cute swimwear and boho blouses. Oh, did I mention their graphic T’s are amazing as well? Their tees are the perfect mix of trendy fashion and vintage-style, making them easy to style any time of year.

Okay, let’s start with the jumpsuits. Anyone else tired of name-brand stores having a solid four options to choose from? I am. One Loved Babe is here to remedy that with their 20 plus styles to choose from.

I could go on and on with my top picks from this goldmine, but then I might as well just send you to the entire website, so I’ll cut myself off at three.

The Scattered Sunsets jumpsuit is the cutest style, incredibly light-weight and loose-fitting for basically any summer activity.

If you’re not trying to show the entire world what the good lord, your momma, and one too many late-night Taco Bell runs gave you in a barely-there bikini, the Kokomo Bottoms are a good place to start. A lot of swim bottoms advertised as “high waisted” merely mean not technically low-waisted, which results in an awkward, less-than-flattering rise. When these bad boys say high-waisted, they actually mean it. Your belly button will absolutely not see the light of day and I am so here for it. Plus, they come in 4 colors and sizes XS to 3XL, so we have an insane variety to choose from.

From the adorable ties, cinched waist, and puffed sleeves, the Kesley Top is perfectly flattering, and I needed it in my closet, like, yesterday.


Pink Desert is another girl-power centered brand. The founder, Darci, started her shop right out of college and has since designed several of her very own unique swimwear and dress collections. The best part––the company is run entirely by women. Described as “affordable, classy and modest” on their website, Pink Desert has the flowiest summer dresses, flattering one-pieces, and high-waisted swimwear, comfiest wide-leg tie pants, and––not that they’re needed in the summer––cozy teddy jackets.

I have tried to hop on the one-piece swimsuit train a few times in the past, but have never been quite successful. I always end up feeling like I have a few threads of thin spandex slipping around my top half, while my bottom half is practically eating the back of my suit. The Pink Desert Tie Front One Piece has given me a glimmer of hope with its built-in shelf bra with removable cups and full-coverage bottom. It does all this while also being just about the cutest suit I’ve come across in my quest for wearable one-pieces.


Brazilian sisters Vivien and Fernanda Böhme immigrated to the U.S. when they were just young girls. The pair started what now has launched into a chain of stores across the country with over 200 women employed.

Their success is only a slice of why I am loving Böhme. They have the best selection paper bag style shorts that are so in right now, midi skirts that don’t make you look like a jury member of the Salem witch trials and so many options for trendy, but comfy pants, you will never have to wear jeans again.

The Tencel Paperbag Pants are just the breezy, effortlessly stylish piece I need.


Clad and Cloth carry a few items more on the pricier side than the other boutiques mentioned, but there’s a mix of more affordable pieces as well. Some of my favorite picks from this site are their rompers and overalls. Some of their jumpsuits and linin pants have me literally drooling and picking up as many extra shifts at work as possible because there’s no way I can not buy them. Other online shopping connoisseurs will know what I mean.

These pants caught my eye because of my infatuation with loose-fitting, lightweight pants, and I must admit that I’m a sucker for this style. The Bali Harem pants may or may not be in my cart right now. 


Gigi Pip is a hat and accessory shop with all your hair scarf, baseball cap and floppy hat needs. Gigi Pip has more different styles of hats than you probably knew existed and you’re going to want them all.

As an avid baseball cap lover, the Roxy Cinnamon Distressed Baseball Cap is high on my wish list.

The shop is also stocked up with elegant fabric bands like this Striped Linen style, which comes in three colors.

If your wardrobe needs a little update with the change of seasons like mine did, these are the boutiques I’m always going back to. As much as I would like to say you’re welcome for the shopping insight, I’ll most definitely need to say I’m sorry to your wallets, because these websites have rendered my willpower useless and you’re likely to experience the same weakness.

Mackenzie Sylvester is a senior Digital Journalism student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She is founder, editor-in-chief and campus correspondent for the University of Alaska Her Campus chapter and a National Writer for HC beauty. Mack is obsessed with all things health, beauty and magazine related. She is a retired hockey player, photographer, Potterhead and world-traveler. Mack is the self-proclaimed Hermione Granger who really was placed in Ravenclaw. Follow her on Instagram @macksylvester27.
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