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22 Different ‘Barbie’ Movie Costumes To Try This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and there’s something for everyone to enjoy about the holiday. From the movies to the parties to the home decor to the costumes (of course Spirit Halloween has you covered there), Halloween is a time to dress up and eat lots of candy, even if you have to buy it yourself. As excited as we may be about Halloween, there was  equal or even more excitement surrounding the release of the Barbie movie this year. With Barbie being one of the biggest films of 2023, it’s only right to  use this upcoming Halloween as an excuse to let your inner doll out. 

There’s no doubt the outfits in the film were iconic and we all want them in our closets. Luckily, you can recreate these looks and live out your Barbieland fantasy. Whether you identify as Barbie or Ken, there’s a costume for everyone this Halloween that will make you feel like you were an extra in the film.

Stereotypical Barbie 

As it’s said in the film, when you picture a Barbie doll, the first one that comes to mind is stereotypical Barbie. Played by Margot Robbie, she traveles to the human world and goes through an identity crisis. If you related to stereotypical Barbie, she can be your Halloween costume for this year. All you’ll need is a pink gingham dress you can buy on Amazon. You can also buy a white flower necklace and matching earrings. If you want to, you can even dye your hair blonde or get a blonde wig and put it in a ponytail. Don’t forget a fear of cellulite and thoughts and irrepressible death. 

Rollerblading Barbie/Ken

There’s no doubt this outfit caught the attention of many people long before the film came to theaters. While Barbie and Ken are entering the human world, they are wearing the most colorful outfit as they rollerblade through California. To recreate Barbie’s outfit, you will need a colorful leotard, a visor, and pink biker shorts you can get from Amazon. You can also purchase neon green kneepads, wrist bands, and neon yellow rollerblades. If you don’t want to wear rollerblades, you can opt for a pair of  neon yellow tennis shoes with pink shoelaces. Whether you’re walking around California or just your college campus, everyone will love and recognize this outfit. 

For Ken’s outfit, you can buy the full costume from Spirit Halloween. If you want to create the look yourself, all you need is a hot pink tank-top with the Malibu Skate Wear Barbie Vest and shorts from Fydude. As for the accessories, you can wear a neon green fanny pack and the same visor,  knee pads, and wristbands as Barbie. You can do the same thing for the rollerblades or shoes that you did for Barbie. For the hair, you’re just going to want to buy a straight blonde Ken wig

Cowgirl Barbie/ Cowboy Ken

Just like the rollerblading outfit, the Barbie’s cowgirl outfit was one viewers were most excited to see. Even though Barbie and Ken steal their outfits and eventually get arrested once again, the look made a statement and became some people’s favorite outfit in the film. If you want to dress like Cowgirl Barbie, you can wear a pink denim vest,  pink bandana, pink bell-bottom jeans, a pink and white  cowgirl hat, and white cowgirl boots. For the cowgirl hat, you can either buy one from Spirit Halloween or purchase a plain white one and then hot glue a pink sparkly ribbon around the band of the hat. 

As for Cowboy Ken, you’ll need a black button-down shirt with white fringe (which you can get from Amazon or Spirit Halloween), a pink bandana, black jeans, a white cowboy  hat, and white cowboy boots. Just make sure  you don’t get arrested like Barbie and Ken!

Mermaid Barbie

Played by Dua Lipa, Mermaid Barbie doesn’t have very many scenes in the movie, but her outfit would make a wonderful Halloween costume this year. The Mermaid Barbie costume is also on the cheaper side if you’re trying to save money. To dress like her, you’ll need a blue wavy wig, blue seashell nipple pasties or a blue seashell-like bikini top, a blue sparkly mermaid tail, a pair of pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace. You can also temporarily dye your hair blue and then curl it. If you’re planning on spending your Halloween at the beach or at a pool party, Mermaid Barbie will fit the theme. 

Pink Power Jumpsuit Barbie

Whether you consider yourself a feminist or just want to feel powerful in a jumpsuit, this Halloween costume is for you. To complete the look, you’ll need a pink jumpsuit, a pink knotted headband, pink cat-eye sunglasses and white tennis shoes. Get ready to destroy the patriarchy on Halloween with this iconic costume. 

Girls’ Night Barbie

In the wise words of Barbie, “Every night is girls’ night.” If you’re spending Halloween with your girls, there’s no better costume than Girls’ Night Barbie. For this costume, you’ll need a silver sequin jumpsuit, gold heels, and gold bracelets. For those girlies who love to dance the night away, do it in style with this costume. 

Weird Barbie

No matter what kind of Barbie you had as a child, you probably had a weird Barbie. As described in the film, “Weird Barbies are what happens when you play with them too hard.” Weird Barbie  plays a pivotal part in the film as she’s the reason Stereotypical Barbie goes to the real world in the first place. To create this costume, all you’ll need is a pink dress you can splatter half of it with fabric paint, eyeliner or face paint to draw on your own skin, rainbow or tie-dye leggings, and yellow combat boots.. For  hair, you can either buy a short spiky blonde wig and dye it with streaks of pink and blue or just dye and streak your own hair t. Make sure you do splits throughout the night as Weird Barbie is permanently stuck doing the splits. 

Barbie Leaves Barbieland

As Barbie is leaving Barbieland belting out “Closer to Find” in her car, she’s surprised by Ken. Even as she’s going to the human world, she’s still dressed in a cute Barbie-esque Parisian outfit. For this outfit, you will need a light pink dress and a matching pink beret. If you want to go all out, you can walk around playing “Closer to Find” by The Indigo Girls. 

Author Barbie

Played by Alexandra Shipp, this Barbie is a celebrated, prize winning author. She wears multiple outfits throughout the film, but most of the time, they’re purple. If you want to dress like Author Barbie in the Barbie poster, you can wear a purple dress with toirtise-shell cat-eye glasses and a gold bracelet. For her beach outfit, you will need a one-shoulder purple top with purple shorts with yellow patterns. You can accessorize with a purple visor and hot glue yellow felt on  top of it, along with gold jewelry. To really feel like Author Barbie, you can also carry around a laptop with you. 

President Barbie

Played by Issa Rae, Barbieland has a female president (and an all female Supreme Court). If you have political aspirations, you can go as President Barbie for Halloween. To complete her look, you will need a pink dress with gold accents and a gold statement necklace. You can also buy a customizable occupation Barbie sash from Etsy that says “President.” Whether you want to be president one day or just want to dress up as a female president, President Barbie is the moment. 

Physicist Barbie

Emma Mackey plays the role of Physicist Barbie in the Barbie movie. Rewarded a Nobel Prize in Physics, she is an inspiration. To make her costume, you will need a green strapless dress, a white beaded bracelet and a pink headband. For fans of Sex Education and Barbie, there’s no better option than Physicist Barbie for your Halloween costume. 

Diplomat Barbie

If you’re a fan of Legally Blonde, there’s a chance you loved Diplomat Barbie. For the outfit, you’ll need a silver dress and a pink fluffy shawl you put on your shoulders. Diplomat Barbie may not have had much screen time in the film, but she is one of the easiest costumes to recreate. 

Journalist Barbie

As a fellow journalist, Journalist Barbie is one of my favorite characters in the film. This Barbie has a Pulitzer Prize and always knows what’s happening in Barbieland. To recreate Journalist Barbie’s look, you’ll need a light pink dress with pink polka dots on the bodice, diamond rectangle earrings and a pink microphone. If you can’t find the exact dress, you can wear a pink satin shirt with polka dots and a plain pink skirt. If you want, you can also buy a “B” Barbie logo sticker and put it on the front of your microphone. Whether you write for Her Campus or just enjoy creating content, you could feel a kinship to Journalist Barbie. 

Lawyer Barbie

Played by Sharon Rooney, Lawyer Barbie brings justice to Barbieland. She also helps to bring down the Kens and deprogram the other Barbies when Ken and the patriarchy try taking over Barbieland. If you’re majoring in Law or have an interest in the justice system, Lawyer Barbie is a perfect example of everything you’re capable of. To dress like Lawyer Barbie, all you need is a light purple dress and a purple jacket. For accessories, you can wear big pink flower earrings.

Doctor Barbie

Hari Nef is Doctor Barbie. Some of her most iconic scenes in the film are when she says, “Flat feet?!” after Stereotypical Barbie discovers the heels of her feet on the ground. For Doctor Barbie’s outfit, you need a pink sequin bow dress, heart earrings, and pink crystal flower hair clips. For her doctor uniform, you’ll need doctor scrubs, a white doctor coat, a pink stethoscope, and a pearl necklace. Of course, there can’t be a Barbieland without a doctor and this Barbie is the most fashionable one. 


Unlike the rest of the Barbies, Midge was discontinued because parents were worried that she would be promoting teen pregnancies. Still, she’s in the introduction scene in the Barbie movie.. If you want to go as her for Halloween, you can wear a purple floral maxi dress with a fake pregnancy belly. Midge may be forgotten in the Barbie universe, but she won’t be forgotten on Halloween. 


Even though she’s a human and not a doll, Gloria is a pivotal character in Barbie. Not only does she work at Mattel, but she’s the reason Barbie goes to the human world in the first place. Gloria said everything we often feel on a regular basis when she gave her monologue on what it’s like to be a woman. If you love Gloria (and America Ferrera) as much as I do, she can be your Halloween costume this year. Just grab a pink shirt with a pink blazer. For bottoms, you can wear jeans, either regular denim or pink. For accessories, Gloria wears gold hoops and has her nails painted pink. If you want to replicate the outfit Gloria wore while in Barbieland, you can wear a pink short sleeve shirt with hot pink, orange, and white polka dots on it and pink jeans. If you can’t find a shirt that looks exactly like the one she wore, you can simply make it yourself 

“I’m Just Ken” Ken

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been listening to “I’m Just Ken” on repeat since it was released. If you feel like you’re just Ken in a world full of Barbies, this costume is for you. This is probably one of the easiest Ken outfits to recreate because all you need are a black short-sleeve t-shirt and black pants with black tennis shoes. You can even carry around a speaker and play “I’m Just Ken” throughout the night. 

Disco Ken

If you’re going to a party on Halloween and want to “Dance the Night Away,” you can wear this Ken Costume. Out of all Ken’s looks, this one is one of the funniest outfits he wears in the film. You can wear a white jumpsuit with a metallic pink belt. On the jumpsuit, you can either paint or iron on a monogrammed gold “K.” If you have epic dance moves and style, Disco Ken is the perfect Halloween costume for you. 

Ken Leave Barbieland

Ken stows away in Barbie’s car as she’s driving out of Barbieland and scares her as she’s singing “Closer to Fine.” In the scene, he’s wearing a pink jacket that has dark pink Bs in the classic Barbie font. The jacket can be hard to find, so if you have any artistic ability, you can make it yourself. To make it, you’ll need a pink bomber jacket and fabric paint in hot pink to make the Bs. Whether you’re going to a party this Halloween or driving around like Ken and Barbie, this Ken outfit is a pink wonderland. 

Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken

Along with bringing the patriarchy to Barbieland, Ken also takes over Barbie’s Dreamhouse and turns it into a Mojo Dojo Casa House. While explaining the changes to Barbie, he sports an outfit that consists of a faux fur jacket (or mink as it’s later called in the film), black cargo pants, black bandana, fingerless black leather gloves, oversized black sunglasses, and a horse necklace. Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken is a classic Ken-themed Halloween costume. 


Prior to the Barbie movie, not many people knew who Allan was, but it didn’t take long for viewers to enjoy and relate to his character. Unlike the Kens, there is only one of Allan. Played by Michael Cera, Allan is described as “Ken’s buddy” and helps the Barbies take back Barbieland from the Kens. To dress like Allan, you can wear a rainbow striped shirt, blue shorts, and black flip-flops. For your hair, you can wear a redhead wig. Halloween will probably be a day where there will be plenty of Barbies and Kens, so be an Allan. 

Born and raised in Arizona, Kayleigh Shaw is a Her Campus National Writer. She mainly writes for the Culture section, primarily focused on the latest entertainment news, but will occasionally write about life and career, giving advice to a wide array of readers. Outside of Her Campus, Kayleigh was also a part of Rod Pulido’s Street Team for his debut novel, Chasing Pacquiao and completed social media challenges to promote the book. She also hopes to one day write for Screen Rant and Comic Book Resources. where she will continue to use her love of all things pop culture to her advantage. She also graduated from Glendale Community College in May 2022 with an Associate's Degree in English. When Kayleigh's not working on journalism pieces, she can be found writing poems and short stories, reading, watching TikToks, listening to their favorite podcasts, listening and dancing to Sabrina Carpenter and Taylor Swift, watching movies and TV shows on Netflix and Hulu (while crying over fictional characters and relationships.) She would live in a library and avoid the rest of the world if she could. She also drinks coffee like a Gilmore and often goes down rabbit holes researching their hyper fixations.