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wednesday halloween costumes 2023
wednesday halloween costumes 2023
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5 ‘Wednesday’ Halloween Costume Ideas Based On All The Iconic Characters

In January 2023, Netflix confirmed everyone’s favorite spooky season show Wednesday was renewed for a highly-anticipated second season. Since the announcement, the internet has been throwing rumors around about when exactly fans will get to see their favorite characters on the small screen again. Many fans have been speculating that the release date won’t be until Spring 2025, so if you’re wondering how to pass the time until the second season premiere, I don’t blame you. Personally, I think the long wait time provides the perfect excuse to rewatch the first season of Wednesday, and an even better reason to start planning out your Wednesday Halloween costume

With Halloween right around the corner and anticipation of what the new season of Wednesday will bring, it’s the perfect time to unleash your favorite Addams Family member. So if the surplus of Barbie costumes aren’t your aesthetic in 2023, here are five fun and easy Wednesday Halloween costumes for 2023 to try this year.

Wednesday’s School Uniform
Wednesday season 1 episode 2

As one of her most-worn outfits in the show, Wednesday’s Nevermore uniform is a recognizable costume. The gray and black uniform stands out against the bright purple uniforms of her peers, making this a perfect group costume as well as a solo costume. Although Jenna Ortega — who plays Wednesday — is wearing a custom outfit in the show, you can find the Nevermore uniform sold on Amazon or Hot Topic. This is also a great opportunity for you to DIY your costume with a gray pleated skirt, a black blazer, a gray vest, some tights, and your favorite loafers.

The Rave’n dance
Wednesday season 1 episode 4

One of the most iconic scenes of the show is Wednesday at the Rave’N Dance. Between her dance moves and her outfit choice, you can’t look away. This is one of my favorite outfits in the whole series because it’s so much fun, and definitely different from the classic outfits Wednesday wears. To recreate this look, pick up a puffy, black tulle dress and do your hair in a milkmaid braid. You can also find similar recreations of Wednesday’s dress at Spirit Halloween.

Intro Outfit
Wednesday S1 E1

When Wednesday first appears in Season 1, she’s sporting a well-known Addams Family outfit that’s reminiscent of what Wednesday would wear prior to the show’s premiere. The black dress, white collar, and braids is a clear reference to Wednesday in the 1991 movie, The Addams Family. This is a quick, last-minute costume that you can most likely find in your closet already. All you need is a simple black dress with a white collar and two braids in your hair! From there, you can accessorize how you see fit and you’re ready.

Wednesday & Enid
wednesday enid

This duo costume is perfect for the golden retriever/black cat besties who still want to dress up together. Throughout the show, it’s very clear that Enid and Wednesday’s aesthetics and personalities are very different, but somehow they just work. To pull Wednesday’s look off, you can choose from a variety of outfits she wears throughout the season. A simple black dress and fun white collar would do the trick, but don’t feel like you need to shy away from getting creative. For Enid’s look, think pastels, pinks, and florals. My favorite look of hers to create is her plaid dress, pink tights, and fuzzy pink coat. These are simple items that you can find almost anywhere and perfect for a cold Halloween night.

Morticia Addams’ signature
wednesday morticia

If Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday looks aren’t what you’re looking for, Morticia might be the perfect Halloween costume for you. This fool-proof costume only requires a long, off-the-shoulder black dress that gives off witchy vibes. Pair it with a long black wig and dark makeup, and you’ll be ready to take on the night. You can even make this a couples costume with your significant other, who can rock a pinstripe suit as Gomez.

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