Kim & Kanye Are Launching a Kids' Clothing Line, It's NBD Tho

If you were entertaining the thought that Kim and Kanye were splitting up, you'd better think again. The fashionable pair appear stronger than ever, and are merging their creative energies into a brand new project: a children's clothing line. On Tuesday, Kim teased the collection on her Snapchat, with North as her model of choice (can't blame her—the kid is just so frickin' adorable). The photos and videos feature lil' Northy in the cutest little yellow/lime green sequin dress and shearling jacket combo, and Kim's caption reads "coming soon." Between Kim and Kylie, this is one family that enjoys a dramatic reveal. Why you gotta play us like that, Kiki?

This is great news if you have young siblings, baby cousins, nieces and nephews, or godchildren, but still—I can't help but feel a pang of jealousy that I won't get to wear these totally extra pieces. I mean, come on, a sequin dress? That's my thing, y'all. With that in mind, it does make a lot of sense that the parents of arguably the world's best-dressed children would want to share a bit of North and Saint's fabulousness with the rest of us plebes. So for this I thank you, Kimye. Plz make clothes for me too k thx bye.