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penny proud and dionne from clueless
penny proud and dionne from clueless
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These Halloween Costume Ideas For Natural Hair Are So Iconic

Spooky season is around the corner, and everyone wants to dress to impress by wearing the best Halloween costume. However, dressing up is only half the fun, as the other half includes styling your hair to complete the character. Despite the opportunity to get creative with new hairstyles, many — myself included — struggle to find options for Halloween costumes for natural hair. 

With your hair being an important component of your costume, don’t let it hinder you from being creative this upcoming holiday. Instead, see this as an opportunity to try something new with your hair, as Halloween is arguably the best time to be bold with your hairstyle. Additionally, I would see this as an opportunity to rock your natural hair. Regardless of if you have tight, loose, or short hair, your natural hair is a great starting point to cultivate a unique costume with inspiration, innovation, and inner confidence.

Whether you want to dress up cute, simple, or scary, I got you covered. Here are some creative Halloween costume ideas to complement your natural hairstyles.

Dionne From Clueless
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Known for being Cher’s closet friend and fashionista, Dionne from Clueless is one costume idea that’ll let you rock your natural hair. From her animal print and collared top fit to her satin set with a splash of hot pink, Dionne walks the hallway in style with box braids.

Clover Cheerleaders

Starring Gabrielle Union, showcase your natural hair by wearing the iconic Clover cheerleader costume from the 2000 film, Bring It On. Several styles will go great with this look, including pigtails, which are easy, suit all hairstyles, and are a cheerleader classic. Ultimately, whether you want to rock this style wearing a ponytail, bun, or pigtails, you can cheer the night away with this costume.

Susie From Rugrats

From the original Rugrats to Rugrats: All Grown Up!, Susie is another costume that allows for numerous natural hair ideas. As a child, Susie wore three plaits with red bows at each end. As a teenager, Susie wore either locs with colored beads or an afro. Nonetheless, each of Susie’s hairstyles allows for a versatile look for Halloween.

Natural Hair Barbie

The film Barbie showcased that anyone can resemble Barbie and that you are “kenough.” With each Barbie shown coming from all races and sizes, each Barbie also showcased different hair textures — including natural! Whether you want to dress up as Issa Rae’s President Barbie or Alexandra’s Shipp Writer Barbie, you can have the perfect glam with your natural hair.

Disney’s Princess Tiana

Dressing up as the first African-American Disney Princess, Tiana, is another way to wear out your natural hair. Poised in a bun, ponytail, or coiled curls wash-n-go style, Princess Tiana provides an elegant look on any occasion. There are even YouTube tutorials to have your hair looking like a Disney Princess’.

Penny Proud

If you want to portray someone who is just as iconic as their personality, another character you can dress up as while embracing your natural hair is Penny Proud from The Proud Family. With her staple outfit including a purple skirt, Converse, pink cardigan, and cream button-up skirt, Penny left a lasting impression on Gen Z viewers. To pull off this popular costume idea, you can watch this YouTube tutorial on how to style your hair like Penny Proud.

Princess Leia From Star Wars

Travel the galaxy far, far away by dressing up as Princess Leia for Halloween. A look that Carrie Fisher referred to as “cinnamon buns,” you can use your natural hair to create Princess Leia’s nostalgic look. There are even online tutorials that show you how to replicate Princess Leia’s buns in five easy steps.

Minnie Mouse

Another costume for natural hairstyles is Mickey Mouse’s long-term sweetheart, Minnie Mouse. If you are looking for a way to incorporate your love for Disney while embracing your hair, here’s a tutorial by a woman with short 4c hair styling her hair to create a real-life Minnie Mouse look.

Monique From Kim Possible

Lastly, you can style your hair naturally by dressing up as Kim Possible’s best friend and second sidekick, Monique. Depicted on the show with long thick, wavy hair, Monique also gave inspiration and encouragement to other young girls with similar hair texture. Here is a tutorial on how to recreate Monique’s hairstyle.

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