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What Your Halloween Costume Should Be, Based On Your Enneagram Type

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Horoscopes and Myers-Briggs somehow overshadow one of the most accurate personality assessments out there: the Enneagram Test. Created in the early 1900s by philosopher George Gurdjieff, the Enneagram Test distinguishes nine personality types. Each one of these personalities has a corresponding number, with “The Reformer” as “Type One,” “The Helper” as “Type Two,” and so on. While the Enneagram Test, like most other personality quizzes, in no way determines who you are, sometimes it’s fun to play along. And what’s more fun than basing your Halloween costume off your Enneagram Type?

As exciting as the holiday is, it’s easy to stress about finding the right costume. There’s the question of whether or not to do a group costume, what to do that’s original, and how much money you have to blow on something you’ll only wear once. Don’t panic, because I have a solution to your problem. To eliminate any Halloween-related stress, pick a costume this year that reflects your Enneagram type! 

Type One (The Reformer)

As a Type One myself, I admit to being a perfectionist. If I don’t do it, it won’t get done. But there’s nothing wrong with having high standards, strong principles, and killer organizational skills. For a personality type that values tradition, you should put a spin on a classic Halloween costume. Throw on a pointy hat, a cute black dress, and some spooky-chic makeup for a glam witchy look. Types Ones always have something to read at their disposal — carry a spell book around with you!

Type Two (The Helper)

Type Twos need a Halloween costume that matches their empathetic, generous personality. Consider dressing up as a Strawberry Shortcake character who’s just as sweet as you are. All you need is a pastel peasant dress, a matching bonnet, and a basket of treats. Incorporate accessories of your character’s staple food (think strawberry earrings, lemon hair clips… just get creative with it!). You’ll look cute as a cupcake. 

Type Three (The Achiever)

When I think “Enneagram Type Three,” I think “queen bee.” And who’s more of a queen bee than Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf? Blair is Type Three to a T: she’s charming, confident, and knows how to dress. As the poster child for prep,Blair has a ton of looks you can replicate. Recreate her school uniform with a plaid skirt, a white top, and knee-length socks. Don’t forget to add a cute headband

Type Four (The Individualist)

If you’re an Enneagram Type Four, you’re a bit of a dreamer. Though you might be self-conscious at times, you have a big heart and an even bigger imagination. This Halloween, you should go as the moon. Yes, you read that right: the moon. Since Type Fours are known to be creative, I’m sure you’ll have no problem putting this costume together. I recommend wearing a silver dress or romper, glittery makeup, and a themed headpiece. If you’re looking to do a duo costume, have a friend dress up as the sun!

Type Five (The Investigator)

Curiouser and curiouser, Type Fives are always itching to learn more about the world. To all the Types Fives out there, know that I envy how smart you are. With a brain as sharp as yours and expert observational skills, you’ll fit right in with the iconic Scooby Doo gang. Plan with your friends on which “meddling kid” you’ll be. Are you stylish like Daphne? A leader like Fred? Whoever you are, steer clear of any monsters. 

Type Six (The Skeptic)

Ignore the nickname — you’re more than just a skeptic. If you’re an Enneagram Type Six, you’re most likely a hard-worker, a reliable friend, and an expert at planning Halloween costumes. This year, throw it back to early 2000s Disney Channel and go as Kim Possible’s Ron Stoppable. Sure, you can both be a little jumpy. But what’s not to love about Kim’s nachos-obsessed partner-in-crime? Of course, you’ll need a Kim Possible by your side — why not do a duo costume with your bestie? Both of you can wear army pants, black long sleeve shirts, and lace-up boots — something you likely already have in your closet! 

Type Seven (The Enthusiast)

Enthusiastic, fun-loving, and bold, you’re definitely the life of the party. You probably like to take chances and aren’t afraid to stand out with what you wear. This Halloween, why not dress up as a Euphoria character? There are a ton of incredible Euphoria looks you can copy, like Jules’s angelic, Romeo and Juliet-inspired Halloween costume. You can’t go wrong with Maddy’s classic cheer outfit and pearl-studded makeup, either. 

Type Eight (The Protector)

True to your name, if you’re a Type Eight, chances are you’re… well, protective, to say the least. Not only are you protective, but you’re also strong-willed and full of self-confidence. While these traits sometimes give you a villainous rep, you’re way more loving than people realize. Just look at Princess Leia from Star Wars, a (non-canonical) Type Eight who’s just as heroic as she is fierce. Steal her style with a flowy white dress, go-go boots, and, obviously, her timeless space buns. 

Type Nine (The Peacemaker)

Optimistic, flexible, and peaceful, Type Nines are the level of chill I aspire to be. On Halloween, you’re likely to find a Type Nine surrounded by their friends. Winx Club would be a perfect group costume for someone as easygoing and sociable as a Type Nine. Don your fairy wings and your sparkly skirt set — this Halloween will be extra magical. 

Now, there’s no excuse to skip on Halloween costumes this year. If you still don’t know your Enneagram Type, take the test to determine what costume is right for you. Whether you’re going to parties or binging horror movies, you’ll enter Halloween in style. 

Jill Schuck

Trinity '23

Jill Schuck is currently a senior at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. There, she majors in creative writing and minors in rhetoric and media studies, with hopes of working in publishing. Aside from reading and writing, Jill enjoys traveling, practicing self-care, and spending too much money on matcha.