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Get Excited for (And Involved In!) Dove’s Third Annual Self-Esteem Weekend

Need a self-esteem boost? Let’s be real—even when we’re feeling our best, an extra ounce of self-love and self-confidence couldn’t hurt. Lucky for us collegiettes, Dove’s Self-Esteem Weekend is right around the corner! We are excited to announce that the third annual Dove Self-Esteem Weekend will be taking place this October 5th-7th, and there are ways for you to get involved in it!

This year’s theme is “Let’s Talk,” because even just a simple conversation can help a girl develop a positive relationship with beauty. The value of engaging in conversations that will help girls build their self-esteem should never be underestimated, and the events of the Weekend serve to drive that point home!

The Weekend will kick off on October 5th with a self-esteem building rally, followed by “Walk the Talk,” a silent march into the heart of Times Square with mentors and girls from their partner organizations (such as Girls, Inc., Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A). The silent walk is meant to symbolize all the conversations about beauty anxiety that have yet to occur. Interested in following the walk virtually? You can stay tuned via Twitter on by following @Dove and the hashtag #DoveInspired on October 5th.

But Twitter isn’t the only way you can get involved—there are tons of ways to get in on the action! Below are just a few ideas and resources for how you can join the movement.

  • Replicate a “Let’s Talk” rally in your neighborhood!
  • Visit Facebook.com/Dove to access free tools and resources to motivate and inspire a girl in your life, including the “Let’s Talk” toolkit, which will help you discover how to talk to a girl in your life about self-esteem and find out how to overcome conversation obstacles
  • Inspire women everywhere by sharing your stories and photos of how you talked to a girl in your life about self-esteem
  • Send a “Let’s Talk” post card to a girl in your life to share with her how you overcame beauty anxiety to reach your full potential
  • Visit Dove.com to get access to their full self-esteem curriculum

Got any more ideas for how you can help build self-esteem amongst girls everywhere? Share them in the comments below—and let us know what you think of Dove’s Self-Esteem Weekend!

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