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Vests are the newest fall wardrobe obsession. That’s right — if you’re looking for a new style trend to try out fall semester, it may be time to start getting preppy. You cannot escape this fall vest trend on social media, especially on TikTok: The #vests hashtag currently has over 29 million views, with creators showing the best ways to style them in their OOTD videos. Celebs are helping to popularize it even more in their recent streetwear looks, like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid.

Although this trend may seem new, it has been in and out of style over the years. Some of the most famous vest looks from the ’90s are still being recreated to this day. We all know the iconic sweater vest and mini skirt sets in Clueless, or the denim vests Rachel Green wore in the early seasons of Friends. So it’s no surprise they have found their way back in our closets again, but this time in a more modern way.

Vests are the perfect transition piece for summer to fall. It can be a struggle to decide what to wear when the weather is so unpredictable. One day it’s too hot for sweaters, and the next day, it’s too cold to leave the house without one! It is essential to find an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable. Thankfully, with this trend, that will no longer be an issue.

Vests look great with any style. They can be dressed up, down, or worn as a stylish accessory to upgrade your outfit. They also come in handy when you’re rushing to class and don’t have enough time to pick a decent outfit. Just throw one on, and everyone will think you planned it! Here are five ways you can style vests in your fall wardrobe. From suits to sweater vests, you’ll be able to find one that works for you and your personal style!

Wear a sweater vest for a preppy look.
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Sometimes wearing a basic button-up can feel sort of *boring*. Wearing a sweater vest over it can give you that preppy look popularized by Clueless and Gossip Girl that everyone tries to recreate. This rib-knit sweater vest above from H&M will make your outfit look like it came straight out of Cher Horowitz’s closet!

Wear a suit vest for a vintage look.

Another way you can spice up any basic button-up is by pairing it with a suit vest. This is one of the most common fall inspo looks on TikTok, and will give you that vintage ’90s feel. Try layering a basic tee under a button-up blouse and adding a vest right on top. I really love this suit vest from Cider. Leaving everything unbuttoned is key to giving it a modern twist. Pairing high-waisted jeans and a ‘90s style belt with this would look great as well.

Wear a vest as a top for a chic look.

One of the most effortless ways to style vests is by wearing them as a top. Style inspirations like Kendall Jenner have been seen wearing vests like this with a pair of high-waist pants and loafers. This totally reminds me of the nostalgic 2010s business casual style! Try out this suit vest from Amazon to get that professional yet chic look for fall.

Wear an oversized vest for a comfy look.

Wearing tight-fitted clothing can always be a hassle. This is where oversize clothing comes in. A sweater dress will be essential for those days when the fall weather is a little too warm. This oversized sweater vest from Amazon is a must-have. Just put on your favorite tights on high-knee socks to complete the look.

Pair it with a turtleneck for a classic look.

A turtleneck sweater is a classic way to truly embody the vest look. It has been one of the most popular ways to wear them over the years. Both suit and sweater vests look great with this style. Try out this rib-knit sweater vest or these suit vests from H&M to get the look.

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