Move Over Flower Crowns, Crystal Crowns Are Here in Time for Coachella

After Snapchat debuted the flower crown filter, the novelty of the real thing started to wear off (if it hadn't already).

While flower crowns used to be a symbol of Coachella, now you can buy them almost anywhere, and you see them everywhere (ahem, Snapchat!) The last thing you want is to be basic for the festival; however Coachella is as much about the fashion as it is about the music, so TBH you would feel a bit naked without some sort of hair accessory. Etsy store owner and designer Sarah Cosper is here to help with your dressing dilemma. She has created the crystal crown: an adorable hair accessory that features a stunning array of crystals.

Cosper credits her father with this unique creation: “My dad is a rock guy. He’s always looking for hunks of quartz and cool rocks, and he used to take me panning for gold. So, I’m a rock guy, too lol. Geodes, agate, spheres, just pretty ones, we’re always scanning the ground.”

With just a quick scan of Cosper's Instagram, it's easy to see that she really does love rocks. She also designs crystal hair combs, necklaces, rings, barrettes and even hats! No matter what your style is, she’s sure to have something that will either complete your festival look, or just show off your love of rocks in a fashionable way.

With the diversity in colors, sizes and styles that Cosper offers, these crystal crowns can upgrade any outfit. I can imagine them adding an unexpected twist to a super casual look, or being the crowning glory to something a bit more formal (I can imagine you giving off some serious Queen Elsa vibes!).

Make a shining statement at Coachella with a gorgeous new crystal hair accessory!