13 Must-Have Hair Accessories for Coachella

Coachella is right around the corner, and festival fashion is all I can think about! It may be a music festival first and foremost, but fashion is what makes Coachella one of the most popular festivals ever. Now that you have your outfits down, you can't forget to dress up your hair! These accessories will help you create the perfect look.

1. Sunflower Headband, $15

Flowers are always a good idea.

2. Shimmer Bow-Front Headwrap, $5

Love it!

3. Roses Cat Ear Headband, $8

So cute!

4. Floral Back Hair Clip, $13

Yes! It's so different. 

5. Soft Flower Side Hair Clip, $16 


7. Elise Blush Glitter & Floral Unicorn Headband, $8

Because Coachella is the time to be extra.

8. Straw Wide Rim Floppy Hat, $23

Hats are v important.

9. Glam Goals Rusty Rose Velvet Baseball Cap, $17

Look cute while protecting yourself from the sun.

10. Rose Flower Crown Headwrap, $8


11. Golden Flower Halo Headband, $20

Classy AF!

13. Xoxo Headband, $24

Enjoy festival season, collegiettes!