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Claw Clips Are Back! Here’s How to Style Them

Claw clips are back and better than ever! They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and are a trend I am LOVING! It is so easy to throw your hair up and look chic with a claw clip. Do you only know how to do the basic look? No worries; I have experimented with all kinds of fun ways to wear these clips and I’m here to share it with you!

Half-up, half-down 
Claw Clip Half-up Half-down
Photo by Camille Wolfe

Who else loves a half-up half-down look? It never goes out of style and is great for any hair length or cut. Claw clips are one of the easiest ways to pull half of your hair up. No more worrying about the hair tie getting stuck or losing bobby pins in your hair. A claw clip makes this style easy.

The French twist 
Claw Clip French Twist
Original photo by Grace Feuchter

This look is all over TikTok right now, and I figured out how to do it! It’s super easy and great if you have long hair because you can throw it all up in one claw clip. This chic style will keep your hair off your neck and keep you looking classy. Plus, you will impress everyone when you throw your hair up this way.

The classic 
Claw Clip Classic
Original photo by Grace Feuchter

This is the style you saw in the ’90s, a messy pony-looking claw clip style. This one is great if you have medium-length hair, as you get the perfect flair of hair from the top of the clip! This style is also super easy to perfect and looks good with any ’fit.

The low pony 
Claw Clip Low Pony
Photo by Camille Wolfe

I have recently been loving a low ponytail. It’s a great way to keep my hair out of my face without the strain I sometimes get from a high pony or messy bun. I’ve been pulling mine up with claw clips for a little extra style, and I love it. Your hair is one of your best accessories, so adding a little something to your look can really elevate any low pony.

Run, don’t walk to the store (or your computer) to get yourself some claw clips. They are versatile, easy, fun, and so in style right now!

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