How to Build Your Perfect Wardrobe, Based on Your Lifestyle

Do you ever just people-watch and wonder what each of their closet look like? With different daily routines and activities, your wardrobe is bound to be the complete opposite of the next person’s closet staples. And that’s the beauty of it! Everyone has their own unique foundation of style pieces.

Your typical college student will probably live in comfy, baggy sweatpants and sneakers (literally same, TBH), and loungewear tends to be more popular among college kids. Personally speaking, there’s nothing else I love more than wearing grey sweats and university crewneck with my beloved Adidas Stan Smiths. On the other hand, someone with a 9-5 job would tend to have more blazers, pencil skirts, and pumps. They’re in a professional work environment for most of the day, so looking presentable is a must.

If you’re figuring out the best 'fit for you, then you’re in for a treat. Here’s your mini-guide to creating your perfect wardrobe based on your lifestyle.

  1. 1. For the Corporate Fashionista

    Style Summary

    When you’re a future CEO, your closet will most likely be full of professional-chic pieces, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a little fun with your style. Add some texture and details to revamp your look. Your pantsuit doesn’t always have to be tailored so well — it’s okay to incorporate the oversized trend.

    Wardrobe Starter Pack

    The girl boss uniform: I recommend owning at least one pantsuit. It doesn’t have to be ~expensive~ as long as you can style it in unique and different ways.

    Try: Purple Straight Cropped Corduroy Pant Suit, Express, $109; shop now

    Inner layer alternative: Sometimes you just need to mix it up, so a plain turtleneck top makes the ideal piece to replace a button-down shirt.

    Try: Fine-Rib Perfect-Fit Turtleneck, J. Crew, $16; shop now

    Pointed and chunky: Strut down that hallway leading to the conference room (that’s your real-life runway!), but still be comfortable with a pair of cute chunky pumps.

    Try: Anisa d’Orsay Block Heel Pump, Nine West at Nordstrom Rach, $50; shop now

    Bring everything in one: When a pretty shoulder bag can’t handle all your work needs, you can count on a good tote bag to get you through the work week.

    Try: Faux Leather Tote Bag, Urban Outfitters, $25; shop now

  2. 2. For the Everyday Hustler in the Cold Season

    Style Summary

    If your work environment is on the laid-back side, then casual chic will be more your speed. You get the freedom to wear jeans, sweaters and show off your personal style. Throw on your favorite business-chic items to upgrade your denim game, whether it be a fuzzy coat or gold accessories.

    Wardrobe Starter Pack

    Teddy bear, but make it fashion: With the cold weather upon us, you have to get your hands on a reliable coat. The teddy coat is a great addition to your lineup this winter. Cute and cozy? Love to see it.

    Try: QED London Double Breasted Teddy Coat, ASOS, $83; shop now

    Blue jean baby: High-waisted jeans are my all-time favorite comeback trend. These jeans work well with any type of top—cropped or oversize—and a solid pair of mid-calf boots.

    Try: Debbie High-Waisted Mom Jeans, Nasty Gal, $28; shop now

    Midi square toes: You’ve heard of ankle boots and thigh-high boots. Now, meet the mid-calf boots combined with the squared toed trend. Such a cool combo, am I right?

    Try: Kiaya Black Crinkle Patent Square Toe Mid-Calf Boots, Lulus, $37.50; shop now

    Accessorize your accessory: Gold chains and charms on a purse? Wait, I have to stan. The gold detail is a cool way to add bling to your look without having to actually wear it.

    Try: Arugula, ALDO, $60, shop now

  3. 3. For the Chill College Student with an 8 AM

    Style Summary

    Raise your hand up if you’re in an 8 a.m. class. If it was acceptable, I’d show up to class wrapped in my duvet like a burrito. But hear me out, the lazy getup can actually be cute when you’ve got chunky sneakers and graphic tees.

    Wardrobe Starter Pack

    Comfort base: A comfy pair of grey sweatpants will always be my one true love. Your day is automatically better when you're wearing something that's cozy enough to sleep in.

    Try: Sportswear Essential, Nike, $45; shop now

    Kangaroo pouch: Big hoodies are one of those basic essentials that you just can’t live without. There’s no better way to stay cozy and unbothered in class.

    Try: Homeroom Oversized Hoodie Sweatshirt, Urban Outfitters, $69; shop now

    Everyday chunks: An affordable designer pair of chunky sneakers is REAL—and let me give you the deets. As a college kid, I know I love a good deal.

    Try: C165 Runner, Coach, $92; shop now

    Minimal and mighty bookbag: Books, notebooks, and laptops deserve to be carried in style too.

    Try: Classic Mid Volume Backpack, Herschel Supply Co. at Nordstrom, $45; shop now

  4. 4. For the Classic and Simple Ensemble Enthusiast

    Style Summary

    Wearing black all the time is a lifestyle in itself. Not everyone can find pieces that perfectly go together (matching black with black is a struggle sometimes!), but don’t let that stop you from rocking the look. Invest in some nice skinny jeans and booties.

    Wardrobe Starter Pack

    Soft and sparkly: Break off the one-tone with velour texture and subtle rhinestone detail.

    Try: Velour Bodysuit with Sparkles, H&M, $18; shop now

    High comfort: Comfortable and flattering? Oh, say yes!

    Try: 721 High Rise Skinny Women’s Jeans, Levi’s, $80; shop now

    Military-inspired warmth: If you need a break from your go-to teddy coat, stay warm in a bomber jacket.

    Try: Alexus Black Bomber Jacket, PrettyLittleThing, $20; shop now

    Durable boots with swag: TBH, Timbs are one of the most reliable boots. These babies will last you a long time, and that’s a promise.

    Try: 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boots, Timberland, $170; shop now

    Wrapped with essentials: Belt bags are the most convenient accessory ever. You just tie it around you're waist and you're all set with your goodies.

    Try: Nylon Dual Pouch Belt Bag, Calvin Klein, $49; shop now

Four different styles. Four different wardrobes. Four starter packs on how to achieve each one. Whether you’re a busy bee on the running to take over a firm or an everyday boss on the go, collecting your go-to pieces has never been easier.

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