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How to Incorporate Sorority Experiences on Your Resume

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Sororities are undoubtedly fun, with sisterhood events, date parties, service projects, and other social activities to fill your calendar. But what most people won’t find out until they’re already in sorority life (or even not until after graduating) is just how much being involved in a National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sorority prepares you for the real world. Here are a few ways being in a sorority can help you get ready for your career—and how to add those experiences to your resume!

Add New Skills to Your Resume

There are so many ways to get involved in your sisterhood and the Panhellenic community, from taking on a leadership role to joining a committee. These experiences help you develop new skills and show that you work well on a team, something you’re almost guaranteed to have to do in any internship or job.

You’ll also get to actively participate in philanthropy events. Maybe you help create advertisements for a function, check-in attendees, or design the t-shirts people wear or give out to raise money. It may seem small or as if you’re just doing your part to help out with an event, but these are experiences that are easily transferable to a resume. 

Even just managing your schedule to accommodate classes and weekly meetings demonstrates organizational skills. You’d be surprised how many people struggle with that after college and how valuable it is to an organization to have an employee who can effectively juggle responsibilities. 

Build Your Network

Once a person joins a sorority, they’re welcomed into a global network of Panhellenic women who wear a variety of Greek letters. Alumnae who work at hundreds—if not thousands—of companies and charitable organizations, live across the United States and abroad, and each lead unique lives. Having those connections can help you land an interview for your dream job or internship, but it’s your resume and skills that will help you secure that perfect career.

Not only will being part of an NPC sorority help you build your network, but you’ll also have opportunities to polish your interviewing and networking skills when you participate in recruitment. Whether you’re going through recruitment as a potential new member or a current sorority member, you’ll learn how to ask questions, actively listen, and engage in meaningful conversations—and all of these skills are super valuable for post-grad life!

Grow Your Leadership Skills

Many employers value professionals who are able to effectively lead a team, and having leadership experience under your belt can help you stand out in the applicant pool. When you join a sorority, you’ll have endless opportunities for leadership roles. During my sophomore year, I was in charge of organizing Family Weekend—and I can say with confidence that no experience has been more valuable or taught me more than planning three days worth of events for 200-plus people. 

I did everything a professional event planner had to do, except I had to juggle it on top of classes. l also learned the necessity of delegation, an incredible asset for anyone who has big dreams. 

I’m confident I was able to beat out multiple candidates for an internship in New York City because of the skills I listed on my resume from planning Family Weekend. It’s not an exact replica, but below is a good summary of how I phrased it:

Family Weekend Organizer

  • Planned three days’ worth of events for 200-plus people
  • Built relationships with local vendors to secure silent auction items and hotel deals 
  • Coordinated ticket sales for each event and managed budgets 
  • Managed a team of volunteers to ensure events ran smoothly 

Each NPC sorority at each school is different, and they all give members unique experiences. But the one commonality is that they all have the same goal in mind—to create memories during members’ college years and build the next generation of leaders. So, isn’t it time you learned more about joining?

Head to thesororitylife.com/join-a-sorority to take the first step in finding your sisterhood!