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These Are *The Best* ‘Barbie’ Collab Items On The Market

The whole world is Barbie-obsessed right now, and I am included. I’ve been obsessed my entire life, honestly — when I wasn’t playing with them, I was collecting vintage dolls and admiring them, or watching iconic Barbie animated movies (I am a 12 Dancing Princesses girl, TBH). So, I have obviously been obsessing over every one of Margot Robbie’s red carpet looks, following along on the Barbie press tour, and doing tons of shopping with all of the merch. Listen, if it’s pink or sparkly, I need it this summer. 

Truly, the PR team for this movie deserves a raise: I have never seen marketing like this. Barbie is everywhere. This production has dozens of collaborations, and I feel like it’s keeping everyone talking about this iconic doll. Whether you have been walking through Target or scrolling on TikTok, chances are you have seen her face, logo, or just an iconic shade of pink on tons of products. It makes everything feel so much more fun too, like picking out Bandaids with your favorite cartoon character (like Barbie, hello!) as a kid. Let’s just say, if a toothpaste is from a Barbie collab, I’m adding it to my cart. 

Barbie x Aerie 

I am a girl who is always looking for the perfect lounging around the graphic tee, or really another because my collection is huge. Obviously, Aerie’s new Barbie World shirt ($23) is a must-have. Plus, it’s grey, making it perfect for Barbie fans who want some merch that isn’t pink too.

Barbie x Airbnb

This puts the “go” in “Come on Barbie, let’s go party.” If you are looking for a dream getaway, it might be time to get into the dream house and visit Barbie’s iconic pink mansion, which is now available on Airbnb. Ken did some renovations to make it his dream house too, complete with lots of rollerblading opportunities.

Barbie x Aldo 

Nothing makes me more envious than Barbie’s shoe collection. And thanks to Aldo, you can shop similar styles, like these adorable stilettos ($130) that are sure to keep those heels and spirits high.

Barbie x ASOS 

It wouldn’t be a Barbie collection without some clothes. Whether you are a Barbie or a Ken this collection has something perfect to add to your closet. This collection features pieces with the perfect pink y2k vibes, and some neutral pieces, like a pair of shorts ($50) with an iconic Barbie design, too. 

Barbie x Beis 

Embrace your pilot Barbie and get ready to jet set with this new luggage color. They have the entire lineup of iconic luggage offered in this new bright pink shade, including their viral weekender bag ($148). Also, did you see the brand’s iconic ad? I am obsessed. 

Barbie x Boohoo 

Did you really think the Barbie movie would come out without a Boohoo collab? Nothing says “Barbie” like the perfect curve-hugging bandeau dress ($20).

Barbie x Bloomingdales 

This collaboration with Bloomingdales and Aqua has everything perfectly pink and sparkly. The collection features a sequined mini dress ($118) that truly looks like it deserves a spot in Margot Robbie’s collection.

Barbie x Cotton On

This Cotton On collection has perfect basics for every Barbie fan. For the girls who are a bigger fan of purple than pink, there is a perfect crewneck ($55) that’s cozy and cute. 

Barbie x Crocs

For those days when you are ready to kick off your heels and get comfy, Crocs has you covered. Their newest collection features a pair of pink clogs loaded with jiblets ($60).

Barbie x Cold Stone 

As a girl who frequently indulges in little treat culture, I would like every movie to please collab with an ice cream brand.

Barbie x Dragon Glassware 

It’s time to build your dream Barbie bar cart and pop something bubbly to celebrate the movie’s release. This new collection from Dragon Glassware is the perfect addition to your bar cart: wine glasses ($40) in a set of fushia and baby pink.

Barbie x Fossil 

We all know that Barbie is all about her accessories, so it makes tons of sense to celebrate her with a new watch. This watch from Fossil ($136)  is just as classic as Barbie herself. The set features a gold watch with a hot pink band and a second band in the iconic black and white chevron of her famous 1950s bathing suit. The watch face has the iconic Barbie logo, just in case you need a reminder of who your favorite icon is. 

Barbie x Forever 21

BRB, this collection has been running for my wallet. Forever 21 has the perfect collection with everything — but I’m obsessed with these joggers ($35).

Barbie x Funboy

It’s fitting to have some new pool floats to celebrate fun in the sun this summer. And these floats are in no way ordinary, they are just as extraordinary as Barbie herself. Spend the summer floating on an oversized pink swan ($89), it’s what you deserve.

Barbie x Gap 

I am obsessed with this collection and its iconic pink puff-sleeve denim jacket ($100) — is it ethical to buy 10?

Barbie x Glasshouse

I just found the perfect candle to burn during your everything showers. This Barbie x Glasshouse candle ($60) has notes of strawberry, elderberry, and crushed mint and is the perfect scent for pampering yourself. 

Barbie x Glow Recipe 

Literally, name a more iconic (and pink) collab. Glow Recipe released a deluxe set ($31) of their iconic watermelon niacinamide drops and their pink watermelon moisturizer in special Barbie packaging to celebrate the movie release. 

Barbie x Glamlite 

Feel like a Malibu Barbie with Glamlite’s stunning collection. The collection features a massive PR box full of goodies ($80), and I’m ready to drop some coin on it. 

Barbie x Homesick

This candle is to make your house smell just like a Barbie dream house. Homesick’s latest candle in the scent “Dreamhouse” ($44). With notes of peony, lemon zest, and sandalwood, this candle will definitely transport you to the sunshine vibe of the Malibu Dreamhouse. 

Barbie x Hot Wheels

This collab might turn me into a Hot Wheels collector. The collection even features a remote-controlled version of the Corvette ($55), that is big enough to fit two dolls. 

Barbie x Impala 

In the movie, Ken is all about his rollerblades. This collab with Impala is perfect for all the Ken fans, or anyone who has been itching to go rollerblading, because these neon yellow inline skates ($189) are almost an exact dupe of the ones in the movie.

Barbie x Kendra Scott 

Of course, with all of these collabs, Barbie fans needed something sparkly. This collab with Kedra Scott is perfect for adding a little Barbie magic to a daytime look. The collection features a classic Kendra Scott gemstone necklace ($98) with a pink gem (and it’s reversible!). 

Barbie x Kitsch 

One of the most iconic parts of Barbie is her blonde hair, of course. This collab with Kitsch is sure to keep your hair protected all summer. This is the perfect time to get a hot pink silk pillowcase ($22) or a bejeweled claw clip ($14). Or just get everything in one big bundle ($90).  

Barbie x Kipling 

Barbie girls understand that they need bags to carry all of their important things, whether they are giving doctor, astronaut, or girlie pop vibes — and this crossbody bag ($69) is perfect for any Barbie you’re trying to be.  

Barbie x Little Words Project 

Bring on all the pink accessories. These bracelets are the perfect reminder of what Barbie stands for — support, friendship, and empowerment. With phrases like GRL PWR ($25), this collab has all of the empowerment you need to live your best Barbie life.

Barbie x Mermade Hair

Is anyone else obsessed with how Barbie’s hair is always perfect? Mermade Hair is here to help you feel like you have perfect hair with their Barbie collection. The collection features a wavy kit with a mini waver, clips, scarf and hair gems ($90). 

Barbie x Moon 

Make your smile as bright as Barbie’s with Moon’s newest collection. The toothpaste ($13) is sparkly, with mica powder to whiten teeth.  

Barbie x NYX

When I think of Barbie, I always think of fun makeup. To celebrate the release of the Barbie movie, NYX released an eye pencil bundle ($12) that’s perect for your Barbiecore-inspired makeup.

Barbie x OPI

Nothing says Barbie like a perfect manicure. OPI has you covered with shades like Welcome to Barbie Land, a metallic bright pink ($12).

Barbie x Pacsun

This Pacsun collection is the perfect combination of sporty Barbie and Malibu Barbie, especially with this pink bikini ($34).

Barbie x Primark

This collection has every accessory a Barbie fan needs, including black tights printed with the Barbie logo ($6). 

Barbie x Ruggable 

As a girl who is getting ready to have her own place, I shrieked when I saw that Ruggable has a Barbie-inspired rug. Yes, you read that right. This is the collab every post-grad Gen Z girlie needed. The rug ($539) features a hot pink ombre design with a cream border and is available in multiple sizes. And since it’s a Ruggable rug, it’s washable — iconic, IMHO. 

Barbie x Superga

Not all days are heel days, some days are platform sneakers days. This collab with Superga is the perfect way to add a little Barbie into casual looks. These platform sneakers ($95) with a hot pink platform with rainbow detailing are the perfect summer shoe. 

Barbie x Swoon 

Sip on something sweet this summer with a Barbie-approved pink lemonade ($27). This lemonade is naturally sweet, gluten-free, and has zero sugar. I don’t know about you but my fridge will be stocked with these forever. 

Barbie x Target

Get comfy with the perfect oversized tee. This Target shirt is all over my FYP and I have been on the hunt. The teal shirt ($17) with a “Sunday Funday” graphic gives the perfect Barbie energy. 

Barbie x Tangle Teezer 

Did anyone else spend hours brushing their Barbie’s hair? Now you can spend hours brushing your own with the perfect Tangle Teezer brush ($16). This brush is designed for use on wet hair, making it a summer beach bag must-have. Not to mention, it’s hot pink so, obviously, it’s perfect. 

Barbie x Truly  

Barbie is the queen of self-care and we all know. And she deserves it too with careers as an astronaut, teacher, and president. Treat yourself to a little Barbie-inspired self-care with her latest collab with Truly. Dip into luxurious whipped body butter with acai, matcha, and collagen ($40) and live the Barbie dream.

Barbie x Uno

Add a little pink perfection to game night with all your Barbie girls with the newest twist on the classic card game Uno ($7). The cards are printed with different members of the Barbie cast and are pink, obviously. 

Barbie x XBox 

Calling all gamer girls! (Or aspiring gamer girls.) This Dreamhouse XBox controller is the perfect gaming console for every Barbie fan. The console features an XBox Series S that’s Barbiecore pink, and the handheld controller even has interchangeable plates to match whatever outfit you are wearing.

Barbie X Zara

The entire internet has been lusting over Margot Robbie’s amazing pink carpet and press looks for this movie, and this Zara collection definitely noticed. The collection features tons of pieces including this incredible jumpsuit ($70).

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