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Match Bela From ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ With These Trendy Baby Tees

As a college woman who loves experimenting with her own sense of style, one of the latest episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls just truly spoke to me. Our favorite comedic feminist character, Bela, decided to hop on one of the hottest Gen Z meets Y2K fashion trends during Episode 5: baby tees. Yes, our girl Bela decided she was going to pick up a few baby tees to accentuate her chest, and I’m living for it. Baby tees are no groundbreaking, new phenomenon in the fashion world, but they’re so iconic and adorable in their own right. I mean, when I’m in doubt about what I should wear for a night out with the girls, a cute graphic baby tee always seems to come in handy.

Baby tees are super trendy, and they’re essentially small tops that resemble that of a shirt one would wear in their adolescence, except they’re made to fit modern adult sizes. I’m sure you’re picking up what I’m putting down, and if you love baby tees as much as I do, you’re totally in luck. I’ve compiled a list of my 15 favorite baby tees that you can pick up to rock Bela’s style from Season 2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls

Etsy Not Flirting Just Hot & Talking Baby Tee

Etsy is *chef’s kiss* for baby tees, because shops can create virtually any design you’d want. This Not Flirting Just Hot and Talking tee ($28) is, once again, perfect to let whoever you’re talking to know that you’re not trying to flirt. 

Princess Polly Mercury In Retrograde Mini Tee

This baby tee doesn’t need much explaining at all. I mean, I think we all know when it’ll be time to throw on this mercury in retrograde ($60) baby tee from Princess Polly.

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Kitten Baby Tee

Anyone else just love cats… especially kittens? Well, you’re in luck, because this reclaimed vintage kitten baby tee ($25) is so adorable, perfect for feline lovers.

Etsy Hot Person At Work Baby Tee

You just have to add this quintessential baby tee to your closet, since it quickly lets everyone know that you’re a hot person at work ($21).

Princess Polly Growing Cropped Tee

This Growing baby tee ($38) is just so cute, I can’t get enough of it. If you’ve been working on yourself and fostering personal growth, this tee is a great way to show that off.

Etsy Dump Him T-Shirt

We all love to replicate Britney Spears’ iconic fashion, right? With this Dump Him baby tee ($21), you’ll be serving Britney Y2K realness. 

Princess Polly Sunshine On A Rainy Day Tee

This knit sunshine baby tee ($52) just makes me happy looking at it. Princess Polly is really killing it with the t-shirt designs, y’all!

ASOS It’s Not Me, It’s You Baby Tee

OK, I’m totally in love with this baby tee. This It’s Not Me, It’s You baby tee ($24) is speaking my language, coming from a Leo, of course.

Etsy Taylor Swift Baby Tee

Swifites, this one’s for you! If you’ve been as obsessed with Midnights as I am, this “Anti-Hero” inspired baby tee ($26) is the one for you.

Princess Polly Not Sorry Tee

Putting “I’m not sorry” on a baby tee ($25) is just too iconic, in my humble opinion. 

Etsy Don’t Be Jealous Baby Tee

If you watch Euphoria, this baby tee might look a little bit familiar, since fashion icon Maddy rocked it on the show. I’m literally adding this Don’t Be Jealous baby tee ($25) to my cart right now.

Princess Polly Kind To Your Mind Baby Tee

We all need a little reminder now and then to not be so hard on ourselves. This Be Kind To Your Mind baby tee ($35) is perfect for remembering to relax, and to take some stress off of yourself from time to time.

Topshop Trust Your Heart Baby Tee

Another self-affirmation on a baby tee, I’m totally digging it. Trust your heart and pick up this baby tee ($30), you won’t regret it. 

Etsy Y2K Women’s Rights/Wrongs Baby Tee

Come on, we’ve all seen this phrase on Twitter and Instagram! If you’re passionate about supporting women’s rights (and wrongs), this baby tee ($25) is the one for you.

Princess Polly Bye Babe Shrunken Tee

This graphic tee from Princess Polly is so expressive, I just love it. Sometimes, your clothing speaks for itself, and this Bye Babe baby tee ($23) definitely does that.

McKinley Franklin is a writer, student, and Leo in love with all things pop culture. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you can catch her reading, cooking, or catching up on her latest reality TV obsession.