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I Tried Lash Extensions, Lifts & Growth Serums—Here’s Which One Actually Worked

Everyone wants long and fluttery eyelashes, right? Maybe I speak for myself, but being able to skip on makeup because my lashes are that good is a dream. There are a few different ways to get dreamy lashes. Say hello to lash extensions, growth serums and lash lifts to help those with even the shortest and most stubborn lashes get long wispy ones too.

Lash extensions, growth serums and lash lifts are three completely different ways to enhance your eyelashes. I’ve tried all three, and while I don’t find my natural lashes to be short or underwhelming, I’m greedy and want more! I love lashes!

Lash Extensions

The first stop on my journey to my luscious lashes was lash extensions. I stuck with them for about six months, and ended up developing a love/hate relationship with the process.

First, I’ll highlight the pros:

  • Lash extensions are the best way to have dramatic lashes all the time.

  • They can truly transform your face, depending on what style you get (and there’s options).

  • There’s no need for mascara–in fact, you’re not supposed to use it at all.

  • Lash extension styles range from natural, classic, volume and hybrid (which is a mix of volume and classic). I had volume which was gorgeous, and in hindsight, completely fake-looking after a fill. BUT, they made me so happy.

  • They make it easier to sleep in because you don’t have to focus on doing your makeup. Sure, your lashes are high maintenance now, but the rest of your routine doesn’t have to be.

Now, we have the cons:

  • They’re expensive!!!! A full set can range anywhere from $100 to $400, and fills are anywhere from $50 to $150. It adds up so fast.

  • The process is time consuming. Putting on a new set of lashes can take up to three hours of lying there, still with your eyes closed.

  • There’s potential for an allergic reaction. Your eyes will puff up and turn red, plus you’ll probably have to take off the lashes. While this didn’t happen to me, it’s more common than you would expect.

  • The upkeep is extensive. You can’t wear heavy makeup, or use face oils and wash your lashes every night. Obv, you don’t have to follow these rules, but when you’re paying for lash extensions every other week, you try to make them last longer.

  • If you want them removed you have to go get them professionally removed, or you can let them fall out naturally. I removed mine at home with an oil cleanser and ripped out a bunch of my real lashes. I don’t recommend it.  

  • They can ruin your real lashes, for obvious reasons

Ultimately, the lash retention also depends on your skin and day-to-day habits. I have oily eyelids which made my lash extensions fall out much quicker. I also sleep like a mad woman and would wake up to lashes all over my bed. I needed a fill every two weeks on the dot, while some people can go three weeks and still be fine.

After my six months with lash extensions, the thought of sitting there for two hours to get them filled was more than I could handle, and I very suddenly decided to stop getting them. I was lucky since they didn’t ruin my real lashes in an irreparable way, and while I do miss them a lot, I don’t miss all the maintenance and money that went along with them.

After taking off my extensions, I went from having my dream lashes to nothing. I wanted to find something with way less maintenance that would still give results – cue the lash growth serum which has by far been the most game-changing for my lashes.

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Before/After eight months using a lash growth serum.

Lash Growth Serum 

The pros:

  • A serum is very easy and low maintenance to use. I apply mine once a day before bed.

  • If you’re consistent with the serum, you’ll see growth. I noticed growth after one month of using it every night.

  • The cost is a one-time expense, and serums last for a while. I use RevitaLash ($98) and I want to try this one ($29) next, but there are tons of other options on the market.

The cons:

  • Quality serums aren’t the cheapest, and they run upwards of $60 (even though it’s a one time purchase). Amazon has some cheaper alternatives with great ratings and castor oil is supposed to be an effective, all natural version.   

  • You can’t stop using the serum and expect your lashes to stay the same. If you stop, your lashes will shed and they’ll fall back to their normal state.

  • Sometimes serums can cause discoloration on your eyelid but it all depends on what you’re using.

My lash serum transformed my lashes, and I’ve used RevitaLash for eight months and have seen a huge difference. It’s so easy and low maintenance, but it works.  I don’t even attempt to wear falsies anymore because 1) I can’t put them on, and 2) I don’t need them. People stop to ask me if my lashes are real and I proudly tell them YES.

The next step in my journey to dream lashes (with less maintenance) was the lash lift. We could call it the bump in the road.

Lash Lifts 

You can think of a lash lift like a lash perm. It curls your lashes, and then keeps them curled for about four-to-six weeks. This is particularly game-changing if you have stubborn, straight lashes or lashes that won’t hold a curl.

The lash lift pros:

  • This is a more low maintenance, natural take on lash extensions.  

  • It’s also way cheaper than lash extensions! The cost can vary from $50 to $100 depending on the salon and treatment.

  • It only takes an hour.

  • You can toss out your lash curler!

  • Some salons can tint your lashes to a darker shade in the process.

  • The curl lasts four-to-six – sometimes even eight – weeks.

  • The treatment shouldn’t damage the lashes when done correctly.

The lash lift cons:

  • If done poorly, you’re stuck with oddly-curled lashes for a month or two.

I can’t express enough how important it is to research before you get anything done to your lashes. If you look at before and after photos of my lash lift, you can see that mine looked like Ls and were curved in a few wayward directions. I went with the cheapest salon I researched so there is something to be said for you get what you pay for.  My lashes still looked better than when I walked in, but a lash lift is supposed to give you a C style curl, not an L or anything with a point. They grew out within a month, but it was definitely a learning experience.

And that’s the tea! If lash extensions, serums or lifts aren’t for you, then look into getting a good mascara or a decent pair of falsies. Anyone can achieve bombshell lashes in one way or another. For now, I’ll tell myself I’m low maintenance and stick with my lash serum.

Reece will be graduating from Assumption College in Spring 2019 with a degree in English, Mass Writing and Communications and a minor in Graphic Design. She enjoys long walks through Sephora, eating good food and spending time with her dogs!