I Loved My Lash Extensions, But Decided to Ditch Them — Here's Why

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Have you had your eyes on the lash extension trend? I mean, it's a totally tempting look — long, luscious lashes with seemingly little to no upkeep seems like a dream TBH. 

Although I was extremely interested in trying this trend, I was also extremely skeptical about extensions. I looked up a ton of articles and videos to prepare myself before my appointment. Next thing you know, I had them for over 6 months and I absolutely loved them. But now, I no longer have them. Why? They are honestly a pretty big commitment. So before taking the plunge, here's what you should know about lash extensions:

You'll need to do some major research

This should go without being said, but I understand the idea of wanting something right away. Not waiting for availability at a good studio, or maybe just following someone's suggestion without doing the research yourself is not a good idea. Look at the studio's work, check who tags the studio and see how their lashes look. These are your eyes we are talking about, so don’t go with whoever or whatever low price you find.

After this, do your research about lash extensions in general: common side effects of the products used while getting lash extensions, What specific products are used at the studio you plan to go to, the cleaning process, and more. This will make you much more prepared for before and after your initial appointment.

The application process isn't very pleasant

I absolutely loved my lashes, but I will admit that the application process of getting them filled was so overwhelming. At times, it made me want to crawl out of my own skin. If you didn’t already know, the process includes you laying down with your eyes closed for an hour or more. Sounds easy right? Well, when you know there is someone poking at your eyes and you cannot open them, tends to be a different story. So, skip the caffeine if possible and try to take a quick 'lash nap' if you can.

Prepare for some serious aftercare

If you are completely new to lashes, there is one big kicker that steers people away: aftercare. Immediately after getting your lash extensions done you cannot get them wet for 48 hours. Even the steam from a shower isn’t the best for the initial two days. I am someone who loves using dry shampoo so it wasn’t a huge deal. I would do a serious hair washing right before my appointment and take baths the next two days versus a shower.

Cleaning your extensions regularly

With lash extensions, it's very important to clean them so you retain more lashes. This way they look just as full as the day you got them done (#lashgoals). Oil-free soap or a solution your lash studio sells are going to be your go-to’s — everything else I would do some research on. Not cleaning your lashes will also tighten your chance of dirt and debris getting in your eye (think pink eye… yuck).

Overall, lash extensions look amazing — you wake up and automatically have the fullest, fluffy lashes you used to work so hard to attain in the morning. Unfortunately, due to the upkeep, I decided to get mine removed. When you decide to no longer get your lashes done, I highly recommend going to your lash studio and getting them taken off professionally. It was a quick process and I didn't see any damage to my real lashes. 

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