8 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Summer Pieces This Fall

As much as we love summer vacation (or the summer internship grind), autumn is almost here. As the leaves change and PSLs pop up on the Starbucks menu, it can be tempting to take “sweater weather” literally. But just because temperatures are dropping, it doesn’t mean you have to drop your summer clothes, too. (Well, your avocado swimsuit might have to go.) Plus, more outfit options means you can push back laundry day (the chore we all love to hate). So don’t pack up your warm-weather clothes just yet—take our advice on how to transition those favorite summery pieces into next season.

1. Crop top 

The key to comfort when rocking a crop top in autumn (or even winter!) is keeping the rest of your outfit weather-appropriate. That way you can show a little skin, but not be covered in goosebumps for the entire day. Layer up and opt for high-waisted jeans or leggings to keep cozy. If it’s super windy, you can always just button up, and if the sun makes an unexpected appearance, you’re already prepared.

2. Sundresses

A sundress is actually one of the most versatile pieces in your closet, and shouldn’t be banished to a dusty hanger in the back once September hits. Just swap out your denim jacket for something a little cozier and throw a cardigan on top instead. Add some rain boots or a beanie for an extra autumnal look. You can also try layering it over another shirt to stay warm without covering up the dress itself, or if it’s a little too warm for a cardigan but too cold to rock bare shoulders, a button-up shirt might be just right for layering. Tie it in a cute knot to highlight your waist.

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3. Shorts

​Shorts over tights is a bold look, but one worth trying this fall. Whether you’re going with plaid, denim or high-waisted, just coordinate your outfit like you normally would, then slip a pair of tights on underneath to stave off the autumn chill. It’s such a Serena van der Woodsen look! Plus, no one will be able to tell you didn’t shave your legs. Stick with black tights (and shoes!) so they don't overwhelm the rest of your outfit.

4. Romper

Just throw on a snuggly grandpa sweater and you’re good to go! This isn’t an #OOTD you see every day, but all you need to pull it off (and inspire campus around you to take a fashion risk as well) is a healthy dose of confidence. Striding down the quad listening to a killer playlist wouldn’t hurt either.

You can also add tights or leggings once the temperature drops a little.

5. Tank top

It might be too chilly on campus to rock such a strappy style—or so you thought. Just slip a snug-fitting t-shirt under your cami and you’ve got a chic combo that totally gives us Cher Horowitz from Clueless vibes. The 90s are back!

6. White jeans

You can rock white jeans after Labor Day with just a few easy tips. First, autumn means darker colors, so balance out the bright white of your jeans with shades like burgundy or navy. This contrast will make the outfit look polished and sophisticated—not like all your other jeans that are in the wash. Also, try booties or heels instead of flats to keep your hemline safe from dust, dirt and puddles.

Don't be afraid to incorporate some bolder shades, too! Keep the rest of your outfit neutral so your crimson heels or cobalt blue bag can pop. Finally, don't forget to throw a stain-remover stick in your bag just in case—better safe than sorry.

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7. Denim skirt

This summer-to-fall transformation is an easy one. Just swap out your tee for a warm sweater and grab a plaid scarf and some tights to keep you from freezing on the walk between classes. Riding boots or suede booties would be a great finishing touch to this look as well.

8. Maxi dress

Try some heeled booties to avoid stowaway autumn leaves on your hemline, and gravitate towards more muted shades rather than neon tropical prints. The long skirt will keep your legs warm against the autumn chill and it's basically an instant blanket if you feel like curling up for a nap in the library.

Don’t let rainy forecasts deter your from wearing your favorite warm weather pieces—with these easy tips, you can style them all year long.